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40 Random Things In My Bedroom

09 July 2013
So the last two posts I've done have been quite text-heavy, and I wanted an excuse to work on my photography. It also helped that the sun was shining, meaning the natural light in my bedroom was ridiculously good today. Everybody wins...

(Also, sorry if I break your internet)

A dreamcatcher that seems to have worked so far this year - thanks Sara!

An empty bottle of 7UP. (Plus half of an amazing collage)

A first aid kit that only cost me a quid. Bargain.

Lego cufflinks which I am yet to wear, even though they're so freaking awesome.

Wet wipes - it's very hot at the moment.

Apparently it was 32 degrees in my room... sheesh.

A stress Android-style figure - high five for screen reflection...

A duck radio of course

Campervan (currently cookie-less, thanks diet) cookie jar 

Campervan canvas

Another campervan campus

Further campervan paraphernalia. 

A 'Wreck This Journal' which I'm too scared to start wrecking.

Thanks Adam... now to hope nothing happens to this for a few years...

Random picture of Nicola Roberts I printed and laminated. Beauty.

Blu-Tac remains after my poster fell down - sad times.

Possibly the best oven glove you will ever see in your life.

A lemon candle which I don't use.

A blonde wig, just 'cause.

A Despicable Me Minion that came with a Happy Meal (fyi - we had to ask for the toys, how cheeky)

3 spare phone cases... just in case you have any phone-case-related traumas...

My favourite hoodie.

Om nom nom. These were supposed to be left in my drawer at work though oops.

A random collection of rubber bands...


A photo frame I bought at Christmas and am still yet to put anything in. Bear in mind it's hung up on my wall anyway, how very avant garde. 

A shitload of straws...

A shitload of ties...

A shitload of Sims 3 games...

A shitload of Sims 2 games...

My noticeboard with a shitload of memories on it...

A notebook with a shitload of moustaches on it...

A milk soft plushie toy with a shitload of... cuteness... on it...

My hairbrush (it wants you to paint it like one of your French brushes)

Scrabble dictionary... a necessity.


A stray shoelace (I can't find his wife though)

More campervan related paraphernalia...

A pebble.

Rugrats in Paris, which I watched last night. Such a good film <3 p="">
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