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5 Great (Free) Gaming Apps

11 July 2013
I'll be honest, I've got a bit app-happy since I bought my iPod earlier this year. I'm unfortunately one of those people who downloads a load of games to try every month or so, gets bored of most of them and plays their favourite one non-stop until they're absolutely sick of it. These apps then stick around and gather dust and the cycle starts again...

At the moment I've got quite a few different apps that I'm loving. At risk of looking like a bad mother user, I could not choose a favourite to review, so here, have 5 instead...

Dumb Ways To Die

Surely, just by the title of the app, you can tell it's going to be nothing short of amazing.

This app is pretty darn addictive. You play a series of very short games/challenges; where the aim is to follow the instructions and not 'die' in a ridiculous, yet hilarious manner. You get three lives, so if you do cock up or just fail to complete a challenge, you can still carry on. Good times.
Be warned though that the time limit decreases as you go ahead, and that same puzzle you were stuck on could come up again, as the rounds are randomised (and there's only about 10 or so different ones.)

After a while you do get used to the different puzzles, and find some of the challenges become pretty easy, but don't get too cocky... trust me.


Sonic Dash

I feel like this app is the lovechild of Sonic's multiplatform predecessors and Temple Run.

As Sonic, you travel around this never-ending world dodging obstacles, collecting rings and aiming for that all important ego-boosting high score. I'll be honest, it took me a little while to get used to it (I'd played a lot of Temple Run before and the controls are slightly different, I still kind of tilt my iPod now,) but once you've played a few times and master the controls, you can get yourself a pretty damn high score. There are also upgrades and aids which can enhance your play, and soon see you achieve a whole lot more.


Little Things

Aka, one of the hardest games of hide and seek you'll ever play.

Well, it's not that hard, but even the more observant of people struggle with this 'find the item amongst other items' game. With over a hundred levels, you see a simple object (in this case, a domino) split up into hundreds of different objects. Your aim is to find the items listed in the top right corner... there's no time limit, and there are hints to help you, so it's not all bad.

Some of you may think, wow Rob what are you talking about, this seems pretty easy. Well, all I can say is - don't come crying to me when after 15 minutes you're still trying to find the toilet roll in the owl...


6 Numbers

If any of you were ridiculously cool like me and, as a child, sat and joined in with the numbers game on Countdown, you'll love this, it's exactly the same.

You're given 6 random numbers (consisting of 1-10, 25, 50, 75 and 100) and have to use maths (wooo) to make the target number. There isn't that much to say about it - I just love it.



Similar to the other tens of different versions of this kind of game.

Another pretty simple game to finish on, you're given a load of cartoonish icons and have to guess which brands they're from. It gets the old brain cells working a little and is quite a social game (by which I mean - any of them you get stuck on, you end up asking a friend... bonding.)
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