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9 Things I Do That I Really Probably Shouldn't

30 July 2013
We all do things we shouldn't do. We all know that we do these things that we shouldn't do, but yet we still carry on and the cycle of doing, realising, hanging our heads in shame, trying to change and relapsing just goes on and on.

I spend far too much time on my laptop.

I've been home from work for about 6 hours now and I've spent about 5 of them on my laptop catching up on my YouTube subscriptions, every social networking platform possible, blog stuff, Skyping friends and then going back and doing the whole thing again. Add in an hour long live show from one of my favourite Youtubers and yeah... too. much. laptop.

It's just so freaking addictive though.

Danisnotonfire on YouNow earlier this evening - he answered my question and I fangirled a lot little

I always leave it 'til the last minute to get ready.

Even if I have hours to spare before I have to be somewhere, I will leave it until the last half an hour before I have to leave to jump in the shower, get changed, groom, shave, and do my hair. It takes me longer than half an hour but I like the challenge.

Either way, I'm usually just a little bit late to... everything.

I play songs on repeat until I'm pretty much sick of them.

I think everyone can be guilty of this one. When a new song comes out by one of our favourite artists, or just generally a song that you love, you want to listen to it multiple times. Recently, there's been so much new music I've been loving, I have a playlist of about 30 songs I have on a constant shuffle, but sometimes you get those songs that you just have to listen to on repeat. You want to learn the lyrics, you get 'all of the feels' and just want to feel all of these 'feels' for a long time.

Soon after, you're pretty much sick to death of it and never want to listen to it again.

As you can tell, I'm the king of repeating songs...

I stay quiet to make things easier for everyone.

Quite a deep one here. I've always been generally quite quiet and there's a simple reason why - I don't have that much to say. Well, I do, but I feel it isn't relevant/interesting enough to be said, so I let other people do the talking. I shouldn't really do this because it will end up restricting my personal development or something a little bit, but it makes life easier for everyone - my friends don't have to pretend to give a shit, and I'll always have someone somewhere who has that similar interest I can speak to or fangirl with so everyone wins!

I mix up private jokes between different friends.

We all have private jokes with different friends, because of a funny situation/chat/video, and I kind of reference these a lot, just not always in the right conversation, with the right friend. Even sometimes when I'm out in public, I use them and think 'oh dear...' Most of them don't make sense/aren't in any way funny in other conversations so I end up looking like a complete tool yet I still manage to do it on a regular basis. *facepalms*

I don't get enough sleep, at all.

Insomnia is a cruel mistress. So is YouTube at 1 in the morning...

I pile mess on top of mess.

I quite like mess, if I'm honest. When things are really organised and tidy, I feel a bit on edge. I suspect it's because it's the complete opposite to my mind, so we clash, but I feel safer and more at home with a bit of mess. Thing is though, when you mix a little bit of mess with a little bit of mess, you get a lot of mess. Guilty as charged.

That's quite tidy for me to be honest...

I plan a lot of different things at once and end up doing nearly none of them.

At the moment, I've got about 9 different ideas in a notepad for this blog, and future projects and I have them all about 10% planned. I go back to them with so many ideas, and think of some really good ideas when I'm at work, or in the shower, or eating dinner and end up forgetting them by the time I get to my notepad, or get them muddled up, which means some of them end up being shunned, and others don't turn out as a great as they could be.

I spend all of my money.

It's just a bad habit I need to get out of to be honest, very soon...
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