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24 July 2013
I was born in 1993, thus making me a 90s kid. I've seen a few different blog posts and videos with the '90s tag' in, and really wanted to give it a go. I've taken the questions from the video of Zoella and Tanya Burr (2 amazing YouTubers) below and added a couple of my own questions for good measure, so let's go...

Favourite Disney Film

I can't really remember watching many Disney films when I was younger - I was, and still am, one of those people who has never seen The Lion King (thank God for the internet so I can understand the references though.)

Favourite Music Artist

I was a big Steps fan - I even have a couple of their annuals lurking around in the loft somewhere. Pop music made me happy, and I was fascinated by their idea of only dressing in one colour for each song - it was a genius promotional tool. Good job, team.

Favourite Sweets

These are still my favourite sweets, but foam bananas. I just... they're so addictive and yummy and whenever I was good, I'd get a small bag of them as a treat from the shop (back when sweets didn't cost more than diamonds.) The only bad thing about them were they were so inconsistent, depending on where you were sourcing them from. The big foamy creatures were satisfying, yet the small spongy counterparts were just soul destroying... it really was pot luck.

Favourite Game

I'm not quite sure when this was, but my favourite game was, for sure, a game I made myself. I got a Make-Your-Own-Opoly for my birthday once and made my own music-inspired version called Chart-opoly (complete with absolutely hilarious play-on-word properties such as Beyonce Bowls, Spandau Ballet class and Atomic Kitten's pet shop - genius right?)

Apart from that, in the board game area, I loved Payday and the never ending amount of different Monopolies. If we're talking playground games, Stuck In The Mud was the one for me. If you don't know, this was a chasing game where a couple of people would be 'it' and if they got you, you had to stand still with your arms apart, as if you were stuck in some mud (I know.) To be freed, the people who are still 'free' can run under your arms and you're back in the game. I can't remember how you win now...

Favourite Happy Meal Toy

I remember there was this little picture clicker thing I got once, where it looks like a camera, and you look through the view finder and there's a picture inside, then you click it and it changes the picture. I can't remember which film it was from but I just loved it!

Favourite Book

My favourite books were this fancy collection of Thomas the Tank books I got from someone when I was young. I wasn't really into books but my nan subscribed to this magazine that used to have 3 or 4 different stories in each month or so and I used to love it. She's still got it somewhere in her home, might have to dig those bad boys out, there was a story about a teddy bear factory or something...

Favourite Clothes Store

I honestly can't remember.

Favourite TV Shows

Rugrats, hands down. It was the best cartoon ever, and I was addicted to it. I also loved Rosie and Jim and Thomas the Tank Engine a lot - my nan and grandad used to have videos that we'd play on repeat. I also have some memories of watching a show by, I want to say, Ken Dodd, that involved a feather duster and ventriloquism... I'm sure of it.

Growing up though, as we go into the noughties, I was very much into Tracy Beaker and My Parents Are Aliens. Just, amazing.

Favourite Films

The Rugrats Movie will always hold a special place in my heart, and 101 Dalmations. I was never really a film-lover, I don't really think I had the attention span...

Favourite Computer Game

The only one I remember playing from a young age was the first Rugrats game. I remember there was a crazy golf game, and something to do with ghosts and a flashlight, and you had to find Angelica's doll in the sewer. Amazing.

Favourite Memories

In the late 90s, on holiday, my mum was bitten by a horsefly and her leg became infected and stuff, it wasn't pretty. This isn't the favourite memory by the way, I'm not mean, but she went into hospital and my dad worked a pretty long day, so I stayed round my nans house. I loved it so much, I asked if I could stay every Tuesday night... 14-15 years later and I still stay round on a regular basis - not so much for them to look after me, but the other way round now.

Another little memory I have is of my late great aunt. Whenever she visited my nan, and I was round, we'd play with a little set of bowls in the living room. She'd sit on the sofa and I'd sit on the other side of the room on the floor, and we'd try and roll the bowls to hit the white ball. It was something so simple that kept us occupied for so long, and holds a very special place in my heart.

There's a whole lot more but these 2 really stand out for me...
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