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LIES - Marina and the Diamonds

18 July 2013

Those of you who are fans of Marina and the Diamonds (aka Marina Lambrini Diamandis - amazing name right?) may have been getting a little impatient, like myself, for the next part of her 'Electra Heart' series. Every 'diamond' had their own theories and wishes for their favourite song off the album to be Part 10, and as time went on we wondered whether we'd even see another video, after hearing about the stars' unfortunate finance issues with her record label.

Thankfully, there is a diamond-shaped god out there somewhere who gave us this simplistic masterpiece. 'Lies' is a firm fan favourite, produced by Diplo, which sees Marina confront a shit boyfriend she still actually loves for some reason. I can't help but feel like she could've had her own mini Adele moment had the song lost some of it's production, but the subtle dubstep hints work well against Marina's softer tone.

The video, much like her previous effort 'Power and Control,' shows that you don't need a lot of money to make something artistic, and the contrast between the simple greyscale close-up shots of Marina, against the scenes of heavy rain add to the dark, melancholy feel of the song. Add to that, of course, the fact that she looks freaking stunning.

Something I thought about the video, which I've seen fellow diamonds suggest too, is that, in this section of the Electra Heart story, we've reached the honeymoon, and of course, she's been left all alone (bearing in mind Part 9 was essentially her in a wedding dress - we'll touch on Electra Heart as a whole when it's over.)

A personal favourite part, for me, is the Miss Havisham style banquet which gets ruined by the rain, and Marina looks far from happy about it. I would too though, that strawberry cheesecake thing looked more Sainsbury's Taste The Difference than Tesco Value. Expensive shit. At least most of it was eaten...
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