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Playlist: 06/07/13

06 July 2013
One thing I love is finding new music; whether it be from an artist I love finally releasing a new single or album they hyped about literally years ago, or randomly coming across someone new (iTunes' 'Listeners Also Bought' feature is a godsend.) After then sharing this find with a friend, which is more than likely going to produce some level of fangirling, a new fan is born.

These 5 artists are artists I've come across over the last year or so and instantly fell in love with. I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the slight anonymity of them in the music business, but these guys all deserve the greatest success, so I thought I'd share them with you...

The potential lovechild of Ed Sheeran and Matt Cardle; Greg Fidler was an artist I found through Twitter, and like a moth to a flame, I went straight to his YouTube channel in a bid to find out more about the Cambridgeshire singer-songwriter. A Bruno Mars cover and original song 'Guess I Know' later and I was hooked. Cue the instant journey to iTunes to see what I could then get my hands on and I was not disappointed. His 'Watch Me Fall' EP is the perfect introduction to his style, and let's be honest you can't really go wrong with an acoustic number or two. My personal favourite is latest single 'Without You' - which you can check out on itunes here

Also, if you'd like a free taster, you can download an exclusive acoustic track from Greg's official website here.

A lot of people may recognise this person, but not necessarily for his music. When I saw Iwan Rheon (from Misfits, Game of Thrones, Vicious and even a random episode of Secret Diary of a Call Girl which I've just seen a gif of on Tumblr) was releasing an EP a couple of months ago, my first thought was... must... find... now. I had a listen to his latest EP 'Bang Bang' and was genuinely surprised, in a good way of course. Iwan tends to stick to a more acoustic style, but adds his own little 'cool' twist, and his unique voice adds another dimension to his songs. Just, amazing.

My current favourite track is 'Your Soul' - off of the Bang Bang EP, which you can download here. Be sure to check out Iwan's Soundcloud page too.

Late last year, I was sent a song by a friend online who simply said that I would 'probably LOVE it.' He wasn't wrong. The song in question was 'Play The Game Boy,' - an upbeat electro hit full of quirkiness, attitude and colour, which had me hooked from the first listen. A UK #1 dance-smash alongside Duke Dumont later, and A*M*E is releasing her new single 'Heartless' - which features what I imagine will be her trademark quirky pop style and is accompanied by a very colourful video. 

'Heartless' is released on July 16th (and is available to pre-order now), but you can find the video here.

Quite a recent addition, Mike Dignam is another acoustic male singer (I know, 3 in one post is a bit much but I've been loving it at the moment) who I discovered through YouTube. I heard a few tracks off of his 'Young' EP and unfortunately rarely returned to have another listen. That was, of course, until a couple of months ago, when I fell back in love with 'Great Escape' - a track from the 'Paint' EP which you can download here.

If you're itching for even more material, Mike has a new EP coming out on the 3rd August, and his older EPs can be downloaded for free from his official website.

Last, but by no means least, is Florrie. Back when I used to watch New Girl on E4, there was that advert for some kind of perfume or something, accompanied by a beautiful rendition of 'Sunday Girl' - it look a little research to find out who it was but boy was it worth it. All 3 of the EPs Florrie has put out have been full of pop smashes in the making; one song in particular inspiring the name of my blog. My current favourite though is 'Shot You Down' from the 'Late' EP, which you can download here.

There's also bucketloads of free tracks (including exclusive remixes) available to download from Florrie's website. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Next week's Playlist will see even fresher new artists I've discovered over the last month, if you have any new music you've been loving recently, feel free to suggest them in the comments.
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