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07 August 2013
Yesterday was a brilliant day. I met up with a couple of friends, bought presents for my mum and dad's birthday hampers and attempted to make ice cream with my new ice cream maker...

I'll be completely honest - I woke up at nearly half 11. I rushed around like a headless chicken trying to get everything done I'd originally planned before going out, as well as have a shower. I won't really go into detail with that it's pretty boring...

I met up with my friends Kirstie and Daniel for a Starbucks date around lunchtime, and me and Kirstie brought our laptops along to 'get our blog onnn.' Kirstie's just set up a blog which you can find here, and we've managed to get Daniel to start one too - I taught him the basics of Blogger whilst we were out and I seriously can't wait for him to join the gang!

The guy who served us managed to get all 3 of our names wrong, which was pretty funny. I'd only really seen pictures online of ridiculous mistakes, and thought my name was so easy, it was impossible to get wrong. I even shortened it to 'Rob' to make it easier, but nope, I was Robin.
The funniest one was Daniel, who said 'erm' before saying his name, and from that day shall now only be known as 'Amdaniel.' So ridiculous, haha. I went for a hot chocolate, the only drink fussy old me likes, a chocolate chunk cookies and a cheese and marmite panini, was fooking' bliss.

After a few hours tap-tapping away, we did a little bit of shopping - we spent a good hour in Waterstones looking a range of different books from Autobiographies to the hilarious erotic novels hidden away in the corner of one of the shelves.

I tried my first ever frozen yoghurt too, it was a bit too weird for my liking though, even with chocolate sauce and a shitload of smarties...

I got myself a couple of books - one for recipes for Uni, a Ben and Jerry's recipe book and Miranda Hart's autobiography, which I've been wanting to read for a while now. I also got a few last minute mini presents for my mum and dad for the birthday hampers I'm making for them (for today) and some new aftershave for myself...

After dinner, I tried one of the simple chocolate ice cream recipes out. There's something quite theraputic about making food, so after a pretty hectic day it was quite nice to unwind. I christened my new ice cream maker, which didn't really work, which I'm putting down to the fact I filled it right to the brim, so I left it to freeze overnight, shoved some mini marshmallows on top and the result is below.

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