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Creamy Chocolate Milkshake

25 August 2013
I've felt a bit poorly the last couple of days, and found myself in need of a big chocolate fix so I thought what better to make me feel better than to raid my cupboard and fridge and make a ridiculously unhealthy milkshake.

I jest, it's not actually that unhealthy surprisingly, and it tasted amazing, so I thought I'd share it with you lovely bunch! It's also very customisable~

For the base of the milkshake you will need:

- 300g chocolate (of your choice)
- 300ml single cream
- 200ml milk
- a bunch of ice cubes

- oh, and a blender...

Melt your chocolate either over some boiling water, or in the microwave (but be careful not to heat it too much or it goes all weird) and then mix with your cream. There's a chance they might not mix very well so don't fret, the blender will give you a helping hand....

Pour your mixture and the milk into a blender and give it a quick mix together. Add your ice cubes and give it a very quick mix so you get ice chips in your mixture. Some of you may want to stop there, it did taste delicious, but I wanted to go a bit wild and returned to the fridge.

I returned with a Terry's Chocolate Orange...

It was pretty, erm, tooth-chipping hard, so I stuck it in the microwave for 20-30 seconds to soften it up a little, broke it into pieces and added it to the blender. I didn't want to mix it in completely as I wanted to keep the more bitty texture, but like I said, you can do whatever you want... I very nearly added a couple of biscuits to give it a really weird texture, and if you're cautious of the waist line, you could even add some fruit for good measure....

My concoction can be seen below. You will probably get 2 decent servings out of it, 3 if you're prone to a smaller glass...

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