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#FriendFriday - The Friend Test With @IAmKirstieKins !

09 August 2013
Welcome to the first of what I hope will be many #FriendFridays! I love my friends to pieces, and this blog is meant to be an extension of whatever the heck is going on in my brain, and my life, and they're a big part of it, so before this gets any more soppy... let's insert a graphic!

Kirstie is a fellow newbie to the blogging world, has her own YouTube channel and is an all-round pretty awesome dude, I'll link all of her stuff at the end, but we decided to do The Friend Test - to see which friend knew the other, the best.

You get 10 questions, and, plot twist, the tenth question is for double or nothing... ooft. I let Kirstie ask me questions first, as I'm such a gentleman, and here's how it went. (Note: Kirstie is red, and I'm blue.)


I'll start easy for you! 1. What is my favourite colour?
Oooh, see I did think it was purple, but then we were talking about your blog design and stuff and I was proven wrong, so... red?

2. I have two cats, can you name them?
Princess and Dexter?
Haha wrong
What? Since when-
I'm kidding, you're right!

3. My popcorn... salted or sweet?
Ooooh, salted!
Thank you, your Graze box video haha
(she said her popcorn needed more salt)

4. How did we meet? (Be creative... you may get extra points)
Can I give a double answer?
Yeah you can!
Basically, we met online and spoke for ages, like every night... that was the first time we 'met' - but the first time we physically met was when we both went to get on the H98 after school. I said hi, you said hi, that was the most verbal contact we had for a good few months haha...
Wrong. I met you when I went into the wardrobe that one time, and you helped me become king.
Ohhh, I forgot about that.
No wait, that's The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe...

5. Name 3 movies that I haven't seen
Oh wow erm, I'm going to take a completely wild guess and hope I'm right. The Inbetweeners Movie, Rocky 4 and... Chatterbox, 'cause you didn't actually watch it with us you fell asleep!
Hahaha, Chatterbox, I'll give you that one!
I know there's a really controversial one you hadn't seen, like Titanic or something, and we were all like WHA.
Oh it was ET, and The Lion King.
Ahhh, Lion King! Same as me...

6. What is my middle name?
Ooooh, I think I know it, it's a TV show character isn't it?
Yeah, they're named after me, 'cause I am so damn awesome.

7. I can tell you pointless random facts, about which US city? (You get a bonus point if you can name the state)
San Francisco? Which I think... is in California
I left my heart in... you are right buddy!
Omg woo! Even the state?

8. We went to Starbucks on Tuesday. What did I order? (Extra points if you get the size)
It was... a mocha cookie crumble frappuchino... and it was... tall? It was the smallest one I think...
Damn! You good! You go Glen Coco...
Haha, I just remember all of the irrelevant stuff

9. What do I study at uni? And where?
Oooh, you study at Kingston, and it's... American History, paired with media?
History and Creative Writing!
That's it! Ahhh I was doing so well...

Question 10 didn't seem to happen in the end...

Double or Nothing BONUS: We also went book shopping on Tuesday, can you name the books I bought?
LOL. I really couldn't, you showed me them very quickly...
Well then, Mr Robert, you lose...
You've been Bamboozled! Well, I have.


Okay, my turn... 1. What is my middle name?
No that's your dad's name
I'll give you a clue, it's 4 letters long.

2. When is my birthday?
17th January.

3. What is my favourite colour?
Really? ... Yellow!
Haha obvious right?

4. Okay... name 4 of the 6 AS/A Levels I did during sixth form.
Maths, IT, English Lit and Chemistry
Ding ding ding ding! You could've also had Further Maths and General Studies.

5. Which friend in our main group have I know the longest?
Daniel. From Grange Park.
Nope, the school's right though. You can have an extra point for that.
Nope, Laura and/or Pav. I would've accepted either.

6. Who was one of my best friends in infant school? Clue: you knew them.
Jay Matthews
Ding ding ding ding.

7. What was my first job?
Okay, I have 2 possible answers... either, the admin thing you've been doing over the summer? Or when you used to work with your auntie in Canary Wharf?
The admin thing was indeed my first proper job.

8. Name 3 of my top 5 music artists at the moment
Gaga, Marina, Lana Del Rey, Girls Aloud, The Ginger One, The Script
Yup you got 3 haha, Marina, GA and The Ginger One. I would've also accepted Florrie and Lauren Aquilina...

9. Who is my favourite YouTuber?
OMG. Does the holy trinity count as one?
Uhm... DailyGrace?
... DING.

Double or Nothing BONUS: Can you name my #2 and #3 YouTubers?
Dan and what's his face? Who have the radio one thing?
One of them might be one of them
The sparkly girl who was on Grace's video?
Nope, she's up there though.
Mamrie, Hannah, Jenna, Zoella, ME?!
What are your two answers?
Phil and ME?
I'm sorry, you've lost. It was #2 Danisnotonfire, #3 Zoella
I demand a recount!


Right, so for a decider, we decided to list our 6 favourite songs from Electra Heart, and see who took the least attempts to guess them all, here's how it went.

My guess for Kirstie's:
Radioactive, Primadonna, Bubblegum Bitch, How To Be A Heartbreaker, Homewrecker, Living Dead, Power and Control, Lies, Starring Role, Sex Yeah, Fear and Loathing.
Attempts: 11

Kirstie's guess for mine:
Bubblegum Bitch, Teen Idle, Radioactive, Primadonna, Power and Control, Valley of the Dolls, How To Be A Heartbreaker, Fear and Loathing, Lies, Homewrecker, State of Dreaming, Hypocrates, Lonely Hearts Club
Attempts: 13

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