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#FriendFriday - Girls Aloud TAG With @__Nathan

16 August 2013

Welcome to another edition of #FriendFriday - this week I've created a tag alongside my fellow fangirling friend, Nathan. We enjoy a lot of the same music, and met on a Girls Aloud forum a few years ago. After they split up this year, I thought it was only right we discussed 5 of our favourite girls. My answers are in orange whilst Nathan's will be in blue.

If you're liking a bit of Nathan, you can find his twitter here, and tumblr here.

Who's your favourite girl?
Nicola. I used to fancy her big time, and I've loved watching her grow in confidence and stuff, it's really inspiring.
Cheryl! I honestly love them all, but there is something about Cheryl which makes me watch her more than the others. 

Who's your favourite team?
CHEROLA! They were my faves from the beginning and they were always together and they’re just really cute awww.
Yeah Cherola were always my faves but recently it's been Chimola, if only for Call Me Maybe on the last tour. Those 3 are really cute together.

Who has the best voice?
Nadine definitely has the strongest and most versatile, but there's something about Nicola's that makes me love it just a little bit more. It's a bit inconsistent, but when she gets it right, boy does she get it right!
Miss Coyle does have the best voice of course! Although Nicola is catching up, Nadine is just the powerhouse you can always rely on. I do sometimes want to stand up, cheer and applaud when she hits those notes .

Who is the best dancer?
Sarah! Lol jk, bless her! Cheryl for certain, did you not see Control of the Knife on the Tangled Up Tour?! Work it!
I'd have to agree, Cheryl really is a don.

Have you ever met them?
Are you trying to make me cry?
No. :(
I met Nicola at her album signing and she got my name wrong haha.

When did you start liking them?
2002, from the very beginning! I remember being downstairs by myself, I was like 5, and they got the Christmas Number One and i ran upstairs to tell my Mum because she was a fan as well (I think that was just for my benefit though ahaha)
I was from 2002 too, I fell in love with Nicola, and then I wanted to see them actually beat the guys.
Same, I remember really not liking the guys.
They were bland, and kind of arrogant.

Favourite single?
I've got like 3, but my overall favourite is Sexy! No No No... - after they performed it on the Out Of Control Tour I was obsessed, but Something New was just SO instant and I still play it regularly now, so it's a bit of a battle.
I'm going to say Something New, just because it reminded me just why I loved them when they came back.
I agree, it just gives me all of the feels. Do you remember the countdown on Children in Need, and then they came out and my heart was going crazy.
God yes! I was like this is it, this is actually it!

Least favourite single?
See The Day.
Same, but - I actually quite like it every now and then.
I don't skip it anymore to be honest, I just think it was a generally all round weak release.

Fave music video?
Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me just cause of the feels, like closing the door... *cries*
Haha yeah, on reflection that was such a final shot. I love the video for Biology.
Yeah, the three different set ups, I really liked that tbh.
The dance routine... the little mistakes here and there... plus they all look really good.

Least favourite music video?
No Good Advice, ouch at those silver things.
See, bar the silver things, and the fire effects at the end, I like it! For me it's got to be Life Got Cold. I just think the outfits, hair, colouring weren't great and was all a bit too much for me.

Fave album?
It's always changing but, at the moment, Chemistry. It's just an overall strong album if you ask me.
Yeah it's between that and Tangled Up for me. Chemistry's a lot stronger as a collection, but Tangled Up is more GA.

Fave B-Side?
Memory Of You, for sure.
It's up there, but I really like Why Do It and Hoxton Heroes too. I think I prefer Nicola's solo version of MOY though.
Same, I'm not a fan of Kimba's softer voice.
Nicola's more suited I think.
'She' was a personal fave too.

Fave album track?
On The Metro, hands down, like, what the hell were they thinking not releasing it?
I know, I know. Hopefully Nicola works with DJ Fresh in the future for an On The Metro Part 2.

Fave tour?
Mine's an amalgamation of about 3. Visually - The Ten Tour, Audio Wise - Out of Control (those trumpets) and Outfit Wise - Tangled Up, haha.
The Ten tour! I actually loved how they did it, like, I’m slightly knarked they left out some album tracks but after years of waiting they showed they still had it!

Fave live performance?
It would be a crime not to say the BRIT AWARD performance just because I will never forget it, and then they won the Brit and it was all very emotional.
Yes, it was so so flamboyant and camp too haha. I'm going to say the comeback performance on Children In Need though, it might not be the best, but because of the feels.

Favourite moment?
Again, the Brit Award because I don’t think I will ever forget it as long as I live.  OR when they were all bundled in the Taxi in Greece on ‘Off the Record’ after they climbed the mountain. I still cry laughing thinking about it.
That whole episode was hilarious! So quote-worthy.

Moment you'd rather forget about (apart from the break or split)?
All the rumours that they all hated each other, like, I don’t question that some get on better than others but it really frustrates me.
Yes, especially the other 4 vs Nadine stories that started straight after they announced the break.

Favourite advert
The Sunsilk one was so cheesy, I love it.
The Nintendo advert when they’re all playing Mario Kart lmao. Or the Kit Kat senses advert (and they gave free Kit Kat’s out after the Tangled Up Tour so <3 font="">
The Mario Kart one was good but so hilariously set up, and the Nintendogs one...

Favourite solo album?
Cinderella's Eyes, but A Million Lights comes a close second. Cinderella's Eyes was just so different and fresh... it even sounds fresh now 2 years on...
A Million Lights for sure! Cinderella’s Eyes is not too far behind, but I still repeat AML now, it has so many single worthy tracks and the tour just topped it all off.

Favourite solo single?
Beat of My Drum or Promise This, they were both so instant and kind of different, and I played them to absolute death.
Fight For This Love. I remember it so well even today. I just.
I never really stanned for it as much as everyone else did.

Favourite solo non-music venture?
X Factor’s the only thing I can think of, and she was fab on that.
Yeah, I didn't see Kimberley in Shrek but I heard she was good, I'm proud of Nicola for her make-up range though, and desperately want to go to Nadine's Irish Mist.


Thanks to Nathan for collaborating on a post with me, if you want to check him out, his links are near the top of the post.
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