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Review: The Saturdays - Disco Love

25 August 2013

After finally hitting the top spot earlier this year with the anthemic 'What About Us?' and criminally underperforming with the very tongue-in-cheek 'Gentleman,' many of us in Team Sats were wondering just what direction The Saturdays would go in for their next release. Would they play it safe or would they take another risk? With said number one under their belt, and 'All Fired Up' being a firm fan favourite, a lot of us were expecting another high energy dance anthem, perfect for the end of the summer, and potentially an easy hit, but nope - Una, Mollie, Rochelle, Frankie and Vanessa decided to throw us a roller-skate-shaped surprise... and I don't see anyone complaining.

'Disco Love' sees The Saturdays go back to their pop roots, catapulting them forward into 2013, adding a disco influence and forever searching for their unique sound after getting a little bit lost in the generic dance music scene a couple of years ago. It's a different sound for the girls, and is quite different to a lot of the music out at the moment, and whilst I imagine the style of 'Disco Love' may be a one-off for The Sats, I definitely wouldn't say no to a sequel.

Frankie has been advised to take a break until she has her baby, due later this year.
It's the song a lot of us have been waiting for since 'Higher,' - a catchy pop song with a soft verse, soaring hooks and a very strong chorus - aka The Saturdays at their best. The verses do fall a bit flat when it comes to the lyrics but Mollie and Vanessa's soft tones carry them very well, and soon we hit the bridges packed full of pop culture references.  A bit like 'Gentleman,' which proceeded to list as many male celebrities as possible, (Larry King anyone?) 'Disco Love' references a couple of disco legends - Donna Summer and Bee Gees. There's also a very random appearance from Britney Spears' debut single, from 1999 (they do love that year this era, don't they?) and who other than the fangirling frontrunner Mollie to sing the nearly-already-iconic line?

I'd also like to point out there's a random saxophone at the end... brilliant.

What now excites me is the potential mixture of amazing songs we'll be getting in the form of 'Untitled Album #5' as we've seen the girls tackle dance, pop and disco already... heard a couple of teasers on their reality show..., and remember that no The Saturdays album would be complete without a couple of ballads for good measure. Hashtag excitement.

Nappies out of 10:

The video for the track premieres tomorrow (Monday) on their official Vevo page, and the single is out October 6th. For those of you into your personalised/customised items, you're in luck, there are 4 different covers to choose from - all complete with a different coloured logo.

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