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YouTubers You Need In Your Life (Part 1)

11 August 2013

I won't lie - I'm a bit of a YouTube fanatic... by which I mean obsessed, but when there's so many amazing, different channels out there it's pretty hard not to be.

TV has slowly deteriorated for me over the last couple of years. Even shows that I used to love, just don't appeal to me anymore, and I found myself slowly moving to the dark red side... I seem to talk a lot about YouTube to my friends, just like you'd talk about a TV show you watched or something, and a lot of them don't necessarily know who or what I'm talking about. With that in mind, I thought I'd share some of my all-time favourite YouTubers...

DailyGrace, known by regular human beings as Grace Helbig, uploads videos every week day, and has done for a good few years now. Sticking to a relatively strict weekly schedule, she takes us through the week with Miscellaneous Monday, Comments on Tuesday, Reviews on Wednesday, How-Tos on Thursday and finishes with Sexy Friday. Her appeal, apart from her ridiculously cute face, is her quick wit and sarcasm she displays through the improvisation in most of her videos.

Her videos range from giving light-hearted advice on questions of sex and relationships, to going through her comments and 'hazing' new 'viewsers,' to teaching us how to cook dishes that shouldn't work but really do seem to work, to even a recent thorough investigation simply titled 'Can You Really Slip On A Banana Peel?'

Another thing to love about Grace is the fact that everything is real. If she can't be bothered to wash her hair, she won't, and she won't try and hide it. If anything, she'll make it even more obvious to us. She doesn't lock Goose, her dog, outside or in another room - you can see Goose just casually strolling around in the background... I love her, a lot of people love her, and I think we'd all be lying if we said it wasn't one of our dying wishes to be 'hazed' like a number of people in this video.:

Dan Howell would rather refer to himself as an 'internet cult leader' than a 'famous YouTuber,' and after watching a couple of his videos, it isn't hard to see why he has such a strong following. Also, he has very enviable hair, most of the time... (sorry Dan.)

Dan takes all of the annoyances, embarrassments and troubles of both his life and the internet world, and makes them funny and light-hearted. He hopes that by telling us about the humiliating and ridiculous things that happens in his life, we all feel a bit better about ours, and it really works. Aside from that, his videos sit together like a manual for the internet, from shipping, to fandoms to how to speak internet (which now has over 5 million views - hashtag cray.)

The lucky fella has also joined Radio 1 alongside best friend and fellow YouTuber Phil Lester (AmazingPhil) to present their own visual request show every Sunday night at 7pm. Listeners/watchers are encouraged to make their own music videos, which are then played on the Radio 1 website during the 2 hours show - the highlights for which you can catch on the Radio 1 YouTube page.

Louise is an inspiration to many a Sprinklerino (a term given to anyone in the Glitter community) after experiencing a pretty rough ride through her childhood and teenage years. She's a warm, kind-hearted bundle of joy who will never fail to put a smile on your face.

Whilst some negative people comment on her 'flaws' (I use the term flaw very loosely here,) Louise takes it all on the chin and rises above it, in turn making a lot of insecure women feel more confident, embracing her fuller figure and is the perfect role model for a lot of young girls. The fact she is so upbeat and jolly, nearly all of the time, shows that you can overcome the worst of troubles, and is something I really admire her for. Her video, Being Happy, was posted just at the right time for me, and has helped me through quite a few little rough patches over the past year.

Her videos may be predominantly about beauty and fashion, and as a 20 year old male I can't say I'm the most interested in what product I should use to contour my face, but her lifestyle and random videos are brilliant watches. To be honest, Louise could talk about paint drying for 10 minutes and would still make it entertaining. Her daughter, Baby Glitter, is just adorable too, and is featured in a few of her videos, especially the vlogs on Louise's second channel. Recently, she made a video with Baby Glitter, where she asked her peoples' Twitter questions - the result? Absolutely heart warming:

Jim Chapman is probably the most charming man on YouTube. He is also marrying one of the cutest beauty gurus in the YouTube land... it's ironic that his favourite colour's green when we're all sat here green with envy. What a pun.

He comes from a family of YouTubers - his two sisters are established make-up YouTubers 'Pixiwoo,' and his twin brother has a fitness channel, but Jim keeps it casual doing random challenges/tag videos, but more importantly advising us on the important things in life, like how to pick up girls, or how to get over a broken heart.

My favourite video of his inspired a recent blog post of mine, and features Zoella, who I'm about to talk about below:

One of the biggest beauty gurus on YouTube, Zoe Sugg (Zoella) has seen a massive rush of subscribers over the past year, and is on her way to hitting the big 2 million. Best friend of Louise, Zoe gives off a real girl-next-door appearance, and I've seen a LOT of her female viewers talk about how relatable she is. 

Again, like Louise, I'm not so thrilled by the beauty stuff, but Zoe suffers from anxiety and panic attacks too, and posted a very honest/helpful video last year talking about her experiences and how it affects people, helping to raise awareness. Aside from that she's got the beauty side down to a tee, regularly posting hauls and favourites videos, as well as recently posting her very first make-up tutorial, after literally months and months and probably thousands of requests...

Of course, my favourite videos of hers are the random challenges and tag videos, especially ones that involve accents, as she is brilliant at them. See for yourself:

One of Grace Helbig's best friends, and a third of the fan-dubbed Holy Trinity, alongside Grace and Mamrie Hart (not related,) Hannah Hart is a genius in creating her own mini web series on her channel. My Drunk Kitchen sees Hannah (and sometimes a special guest) getting drunk, and attempting to cook. Genius. I can't really say the food always turns out amazing, but they're amazing to watch.

Recently, Hannah has been touring the US in her web series 'HELLO, HARTO!' It's just, amazing. As part of the Holy Trinity, she's performed a number of #NoFilter shows, which I'm desperately hoping they bring to the UK at some point, as well as currently working on a film. An actual film! All of the feels.

I can't not show you a My Drunk Kitchen though:

It's taken me a while to really get into Miranda Sings, but now I am a true Mirfanda. Instantly recognised by her trademark red lips, oversized tops, forehead-baring hairstyle and of course her unique singing voice, Miranda is a popstar smash in the making. Just to be clear: yes, she is a parody.

From creating masterpiece music videos of Starships and Boyfriend, to replying to fan mail in regular vlogs, Miranda has been able to tour around the US and is even coming to London next month. She shares the show with creator/alter-ego Colleen Ballinger, who is an absolute stunner may I add. Colleen also has her own channel, where she does non-Miranda stuff, and takes us behind the scenes. Want to see the pair duet? Sure:

If there's a challenge out there on YouTube, there's a chance Alfie has done it, or plans to do it in the near future. From the tin can challenge, to the cotton wool challenge to my favourite, the embarrassing phone call challenge, Alfie is the king of them all...

Like Zoe, he's a normal lad (not that Zoe is a male or has a penis - I gather) and he seems like a normal guy you'd see walking down the street. There's no pedestal, it's just like he's talking to you as a friend, which is pretty damn cool.

It's not all just tags and challenges though, Alfie's gone on to talk about what confuses him about boys and girls, spent a night surprising people on Omegle and has brought an array of friends along to collaborate, including this random video from a couple of months ago:

One half of little-known up-and-coming YouTube duo Smosh, Anthony Padilla, and his fiance Kalel, have set up their own vlogging channel on the side, where they let us follow them around on a daily basis, and go on trips with them. They are a really fun, cute couple and its just nice to sit and watch them have a laugh. I'd also like to add that Kalel used to have freaking amazing green/blue hair, as you can tell by the pic...

They get a LOT of mail, and in the space of a couple of months, have already done 4 fan mail videos. They've also done a few non-follow-me-round vlogs, including the Pokemon Challenge and the Boyfriend/Girlfriend tags.

They recently got engaged in Japan, and shared the news through a vlog, which was just heartwarming to watch:


Coming up next time:
AmazingPhil, Jenna Marbles, Carrie Fletcher, Mamrie Hart, GloZell, KickThePJ and more...
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