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14 Things I Probably Shouldn't Admit: Music Edition.

24 September 2013

We've all got our own little guilty pleasures, memories and opinions we don't really want anyone to know, through embarrassment or fear of being judged and shunned momentarily. Here are some of mine:

- I've never really cared for Gangnam Style.

- I'm quite ashamed to say that I only went to my first couple of gigs in March of this year, at the ripe old age of 20.

- During the mid-noughties, I bought somewhere between 300 and 350 CD singles with my pocket money and they're currently sitting pretty in a cupboard waiting for me to sort them out...

- I've watched this tour performance of 'On The Metro,' by Girls Aloud, so many times I know the dance routine.

- I'm a sane Directioner.

- If I really love a song, I will put it on repeat until I'm pretty much sick of it.

- My most played song has 1,192 plays, but a chunk of this was due to me leaving it on repeat, and on mute, by accident, overnight and during most of the next day. Oops.

- I have whipped my hair in the shower to 'Whip My Hair.' Several times.

- I actually really liked, and still do like 'Swagger Jagger.'

- I let the dogs out. Soz.

- I hate to admit it but sometimes I get a bit possessive and jealous when an artist I love, who wasn't very well known, gets bigger. It's like someone telling a group of strangers one of your secrets.

- I really miss the Bedingfield siblings...

- On my last day of work, I got a cab home, listened to Duffy's Warwick Avenue on my iPod and pretended I was in her video.

- During her album signing, Nicola Roberts asked me for my name, and after telling her twice she still got it wrong. Still considering changing my name to Robin...
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