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40 More Random Things In My Bedroom

10 September 2013
Every successful movie seems to have a sequel made, and a post I did near the start of my blogging journey has randomly become one of my most popular posts. A Titanic to the others' Run For Your Wife, if you will. It's almost obligatory for me to 

If you'd like to see my first '40 Random Things In My Bedroom' post click here, but here are another 40 for your viewing delight...

Fabric Dye - I'm planning to ombre one of my plain white tshirts very soon

Some European money from my holiday in June

A wide selection of wristbands which I don't wear anymore...

My blogging notepad

An empty bottle of Sprite Zero

A highlighter I got from work, which is very cool.

Hand sanitiser which smells amazing

Got to love a holiday snow globe...

OooOOoOooooh a holepuncher

I bought this strong sun cream after we had that mini heatwave, and never used it...

A Jacamo catalogue which I look through and cry at all the stuff I want...

Playing cards, which have an awesome campervan print which I have failed to highlight in this picture.

Father and son Pritt Sticks

Two really really cool vintage-style images I printed out

Two more.

A yellow cushion I got as a birthday present years ago

He's called Cheddar... brb heart's melting.

A very cool mug a very cool friend got me for Christmas. Has helped me through many a tough time

I don't really know why I bought this ornament thing, it's cool though

My blogging folder, which is currently unused...

I don't really have hot drinks, but I freaking love Pacman, and yellow. Justification.

Girls Aloud merch from their last tour, and my first ever proper gig... eeshk.

Jenga. I'd love to say that I didn't play by myself, just to have a cool shot, and then found the cool shot turned out shockingly bad, but I'd be lying...

The best.

Best clock everrr.

Look how intellectual my reading choices are at the moment.

A guitar full of sand from the Isle of Wight

A poster I put up literally today.

My mahoosive mug from Madame Tussauds last month

The only pair of earphones I have left... sad face.

Oooh pen pots.

My passport

A freshener of the air

I bought far too many gecko keyrings on holiday

I also bought far too many novelty postcards on holiday last year.

Yes, Nicola Roberts got my name wrong...

A collection of movies that, as a guy, I probably shouldn't like

Hairspray, which Tesco decided to completely emasculate...

I've got a boat, I've got a boat, I've got a boat... etc.


If there is indeed 40 more random things in my room, or I collect more stuff, I'll be sure to do yet another post...
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