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A Week(ish) Of OOTD's

08 September 2013
I'm far from a fashion expert, but recently I've really got into finding my own style, and finding clothes that make me feel good. (see: Pockets, Lock-It, Polka Dot it...) I thought I'd try something a bit different and do some OOTD's. I don't spend a long time choosing an outfit, but I will go through and put on about 8 tshirts if I don't feel like wearing them that day, and will usually end up with a slightly questionable combination - this is my fashion style.

I had planned to do it over a week, and that failed a little, but here we go:

FYI: The majority of this has come from either Jacamo or eBay, if you'd like to know where I got any of the items feel free to leave a comment below :D

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