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#FriendFriday - YouTube Families With @SmilePiper

07 September 2013
So I fell asleep last night before I pushed the 'Publish' button... it's still Friday somewhere right? :D

For this week's #FriendFriday, me and Sara decided to do something we saw Louise (of a Sprinkle of Glitter) and DailyGrace do a couple of weeks ago - YouTube families! Put simply, you decide which YouTuber you'd love to fill various members of a generic family structure - its easier to pick up as we go along, but if you'd like to see Louise and Grace's video first, here you go!

So we chose 12 different family members (Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, Son, Daughter, Cousin, Spouse, Nan and Grandad,) spent about 10 minutes deciding who we'd love to have as each role, and compared our answers which you can see below. Sara's answers are in purple, and mine are in orange.

Louise. There is no-one else.
Haha same.
I think she'd just be the best mum ever, funny but warm.
I know, she's so nice and caring, and she's just beautiful so she could give you good advice... and just amazing.
Yess, she could teach you about make up, and me about like... humour.

I picked Charlie The Unicorn haha.
Haha, omg why?
His family blue and red seem like a good pair to have around at Christmas
Haha ahh fair play, I chose Jim Chapman
Aww yes, he's awesome.
I feel like you could talk to him about anything, plus he's adorable, plus he's my height.
Haha nicely done, he does seem very down to earth.

I've got Dan Howell
Oooh he's cute, I approve.
Stop lusting after my brother!
I'm sorry, I can't help it. I picked Joe Sugg.
Ahhhh yes, Joe's hilarious!
I know, he seems like an awesome brother.
I feel like with Dan you could have amazing sassy banter, plus he's a bit socially awkward like me

Mine would be Kimmi Smiles, she's pretty and amazing and awesome and talented.
Haha aww would you just follow her around like, I love you?
Haha yes, and just be like ahh give me Dave Days number!
Haha, I've got Grace Helbig, cause she's freaking hilarious, and also a little bit socially awkward. We'd be like the best family ever, just crying in the corner on our laptops.

I've got Rocktard, from the Shaytards. He's so freaking cute!
Aww yes, I've got PointlessBlog, he's so cool, he'd be such a caring son and he'd make me proud!
Plus your daughter-in-law would be Zoella, even though I imagine you have her as something else...

I have Jenna Marbles.
Haha oh wow, the most foulmouthed daughter ever, plus you get Marbles and Kermit.
I brought my son up nicely, Jenna is my free spirit. Who's yours?
Darcy, of course.
Aww, nicely done.

I've got iJustine, she has really cool gadgets and stuff, like the Google Glass thing, I think she'd just be a really cool aunt.
I have Zoella, I think she'd be awesome to teach me about make up (as well as my mum) and we can go shopping and stuff...
Also, imagine Zoe and Louise as sisters... amazing.

I have Fluffeetalks.
Oooh, I don't know who that is :O
He's amazing, he's like the news but better.
Oooh coool, I've got Shay Carl. He was going to be my dad but I don't think I could handle 24/7 Shay.

I've got Joe Sugg.
Nicely picked, I have Dave Days.
They'd be the people you don't see that regularly but when you do it's just amazing.

I can guess yours haha.
It had to be Hannah Hart, just had to be.
Haha aww, I've got Zoella... back off Alfie.
Awww, I love it. So cute hehe

I've got Mamrie Hart, haha.
Nice, I've got Fleur, she's just so caring and would make a great nan with all of her creative stuff. Going round for Sunday roast, and seeing her puppies.
Ahh yes, the puppes! I just loved the thought of my nan sat drinking and making brilliant puns...

Tom Ska
Ahhh yes, I've got Amazing Phil, he seems very wise and would be such a funny grandad. I'd make the effort to go and visit very regularly...

In Summary:

Thanks to Sara for doing this with fun little post with me, if you want to check her out, I'll link her Instagram right about... here.
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  1. omg both of tho family trees flow so well together <3 xx

    1. Haha thanks, took so long to do though - my brain was on strike most of the day :P