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Oooh It's A Haul

17 September 2013
I did a bit of miscellaneous shopping in town today. This is what I bought~

I wanted to bake tonight so I stocked up on caster sugar, butter and flour and stuff. The trifle was staring at me as I walked down the aisle, I could just feel it, and it was only a pound so I thought why not? I also bought some waffles which I'm going to get funky with tomorrow and these new Tango sweets which are half price at the moment - you don't get many in them, and they have a slight bit of popping candy inside so for half price, I went for it. Living life on the edge...

Me and socks don't get on. I have size 14 feet and there are never any nice, good quality socks that don't cost an arm and a leg. A whole load of socks were strategically placed by the tills in Peacocks and I spent a good 5 minutes rummaging through to see if there were any in my size. I managed to find some plain black ones which were very cheap and then fell in love with the starry ones on the left, which were unfortunately only in size 6-11, but I checked out the stretchiness and they were stretchier than the black ones so I risked it, they were only 4 pound anyway. Even if they were a bit tight, who really needs good blood circulation? Update though: they fit perfectly, no cutting in, and I'm in love.

I also saw this in Peacocks for £5, and thought if I don't buy a winter hat now, I never will (assumption based on the last 6 years or so of not having a winter hat.) It's a little small as I've got a pretty big head but I love it. I don't know whether the specks are supposed to be hearts, but it was in the mens' section and I'm hardly a #LAD.

One of the main things I wanted was a proper wallet. I've spent the last... 10 years or something, living off of £1 wallets from eBay that fall apart, so I thought it was time to get a proper wallet. Ben Sherman and everything. It was £15 but its good quality, and I have enough room for all of my cards for a change, woo.

I popped into Wilkinson to get some more hand sanitiser, as it's one of my favourite things in the world at the moment, and also picked up some tissues for my room (I'd run out - minds out of the gutter please) and some air freshener. Thrilling.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't spend 20 minutes looking through the albums and dvds in Poundland... and I got a few gems. I also picked up a new candle, some pens that'll break in a couple of days and a photo frame I'm going to customise over the weekend.

Finally, I popped into Boots to have a look at their hair products as they were on sale, and found the L'Oreal Sea Salt Spray which I really wanted to try... they were 2 for £4 so I went for it, and also picked up some 'Putty' to try as well - I imagine corresponding reviews will be coming soon. I did forget to get shampoo though, so I popped back into Tesco and saw the monster of a TRESemme bottle half price - perfect time to try it out ey?

Overall - a pretty good day.
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