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21 Reasons Why @IAmKirstieKins Is Awesome

05 October 2013
I've scheduled this to post at midnight on Saturday, which means if you're reading this fresh, it's one of my best friend's birthdays, woooooo! In celebration of Kirstie (aka KirstieKinsBlogs or IAmKirstieKins) turning 21, I thought I'd try and list 21 reasons she is awesome... 

1. She has cool hair.

2. She has had various different styles of cool hair.

3. We went to the same school but actually 'met' online.

4. We didn't speak to each other at school for about a year, even though we spoke online every night, for a good year or so.

5. The first time we did speak was on the bus after school. I said hi, she said hi... that's it.

6. Her brother is awesome.

7. Her mum and dad are awesome.

8. She has this credit card. (Not her details btw)

9. She went to prom with me, what a love.

10. She shares my love of the Holy Trinity on YouTube

11. We wrote a TV show together for years, with over 20 'series,' called Poked.

12. She just doesn't really give a fig and I love it.

13. Her blog is amazing.

14. She shares the same birthday as my other favourite ginger, Nicola Roberts.

15. Let's be honest, she's got a cracking pair.

16. She has an unhealthy obsession with Cath Kidston.

17. Her style is awesome.

18. Her tattoos are awesome.

19. We came up with a crime-fighting duo called Felicity and Bosworth.

20. She's Mrs Frying Pan. Enough said.

21. She loves Ellen.

That was easy. Wheeler, if you read this, happy birthday m'dear! I'd do a heart symbol but Blogger just mistakes it for wrong HTML soooo... have a GraceFace instead!

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