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Gourmet Burger Kitchen

14 October 2013

Yesterday, after analysing all of the restaurants Westfield London had to offer, we decided to try out Gourmet Burger Kitchen. It was a great decision.

Being the fussy eater I am, I opted for the 'Classic' burger which was simply a beef burger, lettuce, tomato and relish (I gave the tomato to my friend, eww.) It was just amazing. The skinny fries were indeed skinny, we're talking size zero chips here, but were plentiful, and tasted really nice, and the slightly juicy burger teamed with the (thankfully) soft bun was perfect.

To complete my line-up, I went for a (slightly expensive) chocolate milkshake. It was one of those proper ones made from ice cream and a chocolate bar, with pieces of the chocolate floating around. It was also served in a metal cup which was different, but kept it cool. It was also surprisingly subtle for a chocolate milkshake, not too rich.

As if I couldn't big them up enough, the decor and everything was top notch. There were these really cool signs made from Scrabble-like letter tiles, which I wish I took a picture of, and now want to implement into my bedroom. Everything just looked good.

The result: an inflated belly, a deflated wallet and an inflated ego for them. Here's a couple more pictures:

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