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I Gave @BoostJuiceUK A Try...

27 October 2013

I've been on a bit of a health kick recently - cutting down on the junk and embracing the good stuff, slowly but surely, and my friend Billy suggested we go to a juice bar. We found BOOST in Westfield, White City, and decided to give them a try - we were not disappointed.

I'll be honest, usually I avoid the floating stalls in the middle of shopping centres - they're usually selling pretzels or frozen yoghurt, which I don't like, or tempting treats like cupcakes, which I can't like, but this place looked really good.

When it comes to fruit, I'm a citrus kind of guy, so I went for a Lemon Crush. It was simply lemon and orange and tasted really good. It was very strong and very refreshing, which is good as I didn't go on to chug it down, like I would with other drinks.

It cost £4 and lasted a good while, so money well spent, and I also tried some of their banana bread, as it'd been ages since I'd had any. Overall, I'd give them a very big thumbs up, and the next time we decide to make another 45 minute journey to Westfield, I'll be sure to give them another visit. Here's a suggestion for you guys though: open up a BOOST bar in Uxbridge, thanks!

Sidenote, if you need any more convincing, you can get a loyalty card and you get a free drink on your birthday... arm successfully twisted, yes?

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