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PICTOBER Day 10 - Teenage Luck

10 October 2013

I found this little book today. A book that over 4 years ago, I made to record all of my leavers messages in, and it brought back a whole load of memories. There were people in there who I was very close to but actually haven't seen since that extremely sunny day in June, and some who I still talk to nearly every day, and it made me think how weird it is that someone could go from being such a big part of your life, to meaning almost nothing. Not even on purpose, just through drifting apart over the years... and I'm glad that random people have popped up in random places, especially this year...

Whatever the deal is between us now, everyone in that book has helped mould me into the person I am today, and I can't help but feel lucky that my teenage self... a fat kind-of nerd who wore glasses and jackups, ie. an unfortunate target for all of the bullies, had a great school life, with great people...

(I can't help but feel like I've been awfully soppy recently, is mid-life manopause a thing...?)
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