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PICTOBER Day 2 - Noughties Nostalgia

02 October 2013

Day 2 of Pictober is a picture of some CDs. 334 CDs, may I add, that have been sitting in a cupboard, with most of the CDs out of their cases, covered in dust, and just a little bit desperate for attention. When I was young, I'd save up my pocket money every couple of weeks and go to Woolworths to raid the singles section. I did this for a good couple of years but then downloads happened and I found M&Ms and Yazoo and just, yeah, it all went on a downward spiral from there...

Some of the songs I've found, I've really cringed at, especially at the thought of me actually buying them with my precious pocket pounds, and others I've been far too happy about, including some songs I hadn't heard for a while, or I even forgot existed. I made two playlists of these tracks in a post earlier this evening, which you can find here.
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