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PICTOBER Day 9 - Sick of Being Healthy

09 October 2013

I've been cutting down recently, and opting for a healthier diet - nothing hardcore, just eating a lot more fruit and lot less crap, and today was one of those days where you're just sick of it. Obviously I have the odd treat now and then, but sometimes it can just get a bit too much, especially when you're just casually wandering around Tesco only to find a shitload of bananas. An actual shitload. I had to stop and take a second to breathe, and would be happy if I never saw another banana again, I'm fine now though I think...

Sidenote - isn't that the most inconsistent group of bananas ever...?

2 comments on "PICTOBER Day 9 - Sick of Being Healthy"
  1. I feel the same as you. But most of the time i stop eating healthy because of my boyfriend. When we're at home together he usally says to me in the afternoo: "Why don't we make some pancakes?" or anything else that is junk ahahahha

    1. Oooh I don't blame you, that's hard to turn down haha... I've been trying my utmost best to not be swayed and it's going well so far! Went to a burger place on Saturday and had a salad... I'm proud.