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Pigs In Boats 'Recipe'

14 October 2013

I'm home alone this week, and instead of cooking myself a roast, I thought I'd change things up just a little bit to make... 'Pigs In Boats.'

I've called this a recipe, even though it isn't really a recipe, it's just cooking several things at the same time and then putting them on top of each other, but I thought I'd share it with you lovely lot anyway...

You Will Need:

Roast Potatoes
Vegetables of your choice
Ready-To-Roll Shortcrust Pastry (or make it yourself if you're feeling fancy)

Pie/Flan dishes (any size)

Let's Do This:

1. Get everything together and see how long each thing takes to cook. Luckily my sausages and potatoes took the same time to cook (half an hour at 190 degrees) so I put them in first.

2. Prepare the pastry while they're cooking, roll it out with some flour, to the thickness you want (mine was a bit too thick) and then place over a pie or flan dish. I only had small ones, so I made two. They go in the oven for about 6-8 minutes, so I put them in 22 minutes after putting the other guys in...

3. Cook your vegetables at the same time, in the same pan, and drain after you put the pastry in. Make some gravy in a jug, pour it into the vegetables and mix for a couple of minutes.

4. Take the pastry boats out and put some of the vegetables in them, with some gravy. You can place some extra on the side if you wish, along with the roast potatoes. To finish off, put the sausages on top of the boats, add more gravy if you wish and then eat, eat, eat...

It was nice to have a different texture added to my kind-of roast, 
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