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PLAYLIST: Peeps Who Went Solo And Did It Good

01 October 2013
With Mel B making a synth-filled return to the music scene, former band-mate Geri signing a new music deal and the-man-I-think-every-man-wants-to-be-at-the-moment Justin Timberlake releasing a new album, I felt just a little bit nostalgic thinking of their pop group roots. After about 4 seconds, as blogging has taken over nearly-well, all of my thought processes, I thought 'ooh this would make a great idea for a new playlist' - so behold...

This doesn't necessarily mean artists who left their respective groups to go solo, but pretty much anyone who had a crack at it...

With a little help from a couple of friends, here's a collection of 25 songs I've collated by people who went solo and my favourite single of theirs, enjoy!

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