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PLAYLISTS: Yays and Nays

02 October 2013
Earlier today, I spend a good... 2/3 hours or so going through a few of my old CDs I'd bought as a child (post coming later tonight.) Whilst looking through there were some that I really cringed at, and some that I got very excited about, so I thought I'd make a couple of Spotify playlists to listen to these in the future. Then I thought, I'd share them with you lovely lot to hopefully uncover some little nuggets so here you go...

First off the nays, just to get them over with. (Disclaimer: if you happen to like some of these songs, that's cool, I don't, I did, but I don't anymore, there's no love lost between us as blogger and reader/friend)

And here are the yays! (Disclaimer: if you happen to dislike some of these, we're over)*

*joking of course

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