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REVIEW: The Saturdays - Living For The Weekend

16 October 2013

It's hard to believe it's been 2 years since The Saturdays released their last album. Since 'On Your Radar,' between them the girls have gone on to try and crack America, film their own reality show, have 2 babies, conceive another baby, have 2 weddings, join a panel show, team up with a major make up brand, record the new album, and release some great singles in between. Busy bees, the lot of them...

'Living For The Weekend' is almost a step back in time for the girls, who dipped their toes into the EDM pool for their last effort, as they bring back their pure pop sound from the early years and bring them into 2013, with some of the more electronic stuff added for good measure. I haven't done a proper album review before, and I fear I would be here for hours writing if I were to write something standard, so here's a track-by-track 8 word review, in order of my preference...

Anywhere With You

Chorus is a bit weird but just amazing. 9.8/10

Not Giving Up

Everything I expected and much more. Single please. 9.5/10

Disco Love

Oh, it is love that's in the air. 9.1/10

What About Us

There's a reason this got to number one. 8.7/10

Leave A Light On

Who doesn't love a good Saturdays ballad ey? 8.5/10

30 Days

So underrated, and surprisingly fits in quite well. 8.1/10

Lease My Love

Kind of soulful, kind of cool. Would bang. 8/10

Don't Let Me Dance Alone

It's good, production is a little OTT for me. 7.7/10

You Don't Have The Right

It's no Last Call, but it's no dud. 7.3/10 


It already feels a couple of years old. 6.8/10

Somebody Else's Life

Not as good as the acoustic version sorry. 6.7/10

Problem With Love

It's not great but I wouldn't skip it. 5.7/10

So there we go, all are above average, and there's some real corkers on there. I'd go and buy it if I were you...

1 comment on "REVIEW: The Saturdays - Living For The Weekend"
  1. I love Chasing Lights, is their best album, but OYR and LFTW are awful, no personality, mediocre generic dance and no identity