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Being Happy #5 - My 'Cheer-Up' YouTube Playlist

06 November 2013

In my Keep Yourself Busy post, I mentioned a list of YouTube videos I have that I use to either cheer myself up or quickly remind myself how to be positive again in a moment of panic or depression. Some of them are funny videos that can cheer me up instantly, no matter how many times I've watched them, some of them are inspiring and just full of positive energy, and the rest are just random videos I like.

It's not a case of just sitting there and watching all of them, I'll pick one at random, or specifically choose one that will help in that moment. If I'm having a panic attack, I'll pick one that'll either engage me and distract me, or just make me laugh, whereas if I'm feeling just a bit generally ill or low, I'll go for a funny one, or something that'll make me feel good about life again.

I used to have them in a list in a Word document, seriously, but thought I'd put them in a playlist to share with you, if not to see what works for me, but to see if anything could work for you. You may even find a video or Youtuber you haven't seen before. Enjoy!

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