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Do You Tumble? Or Are You #Pinning?

21 November 2013
There's something I can't quite seem to do - I just can't get into Pinterest. I want to... but I just can't. I've spent many an hour on it, looking through the crafts, recipes and lols it has to offer, and getting ideas for future projects, but when it comes to creating and maintaining my own profile... nope.

On the flipside, I could spend 20 minutes on Tumblr and be far more social-medially (is that a term?) effective. Definitely not effective in real life, and I don't get anything out of it apart from a few smiles, but it's still effective in a way. I'm counting it. Anyway, with this in mind, I thought I'd compare the two sites and see, out of the pair, just where I should be spending my internet time...

(I have no idea where this is going to go either, so place your bets... now)

They're both pretty easy to use, and are both quite similar - you see something someone else has posted onto their page and you then post it onto your page... sharing really is caring. With Pinterest you 'Pin it' and then choose which 'board' you would like it to go in, whereas with Tumblr you just reblog it onto your main blog. As a person who strives to take the least steps possible when completing the least important tasks, Tumblr slightly edges it for me, as with a simple Alt + clicking on the reblog button, the job is done. Tumblr - you win this round.

That said, unless your Tumblr blog has a specific theme, it is a mess. As a multi-fandom-kind-of-guy, if anything catches my eye that I like I'll reblog it. My blog can go from an inspiring quote, to a gif from Modern Family, to a picture of a YouTuber I love, in a matter of seconds. With Pinterest, you can categorise your 'pins,' so if you're looking for a picture of a ridiculously well-decorated living room, you can look in your 'Ridiculously Well-Decorated Rooms' board and it's just... very simple. With Tumblr, you can tag posts and then search for them but does anyone really have time for that? G'won Pinterest.

If it wasn't for Tumblr I would never have discovered Chloe...
This does however limit how it looks. Let's call a spade, a spade... a Pinterest page is pretty boring. With Tumblr you can customise your blog quite a bit, which might not be great in some cases, but can help you in your quest to come across as an amazing person online, or 'show the real you.' Tumblr wins this hands down.

Tumblr has gifs, Pinterest can't handle the gifs, only link to them, tut tut.

Casa de campo en el Alentejo
I feel sick with envy
Pinterest can, however, fill your screen with the most beautiful interiors and mouth-watering recipes, that not only somehow inspire you to be a better, more well rounded person but trigger emotions you didn't even know you had. Tumblr can show you porn when you least expect it. 1 point to Griff-Pinterest.

These things you see in Pinterest can often seem like fantasy. How could someone really make a cake that looks that perfect? How could someone really think of that colour scheme? How can you do this too? Tumblr seems to be more real, and when someone is feeling a little low, reblogging a quote about feeling low seems to be the only option, even I do it sometimes. I'd rather escape to a fantasy though so Pinterest it is.

I find a lot of things to try on Pinterest, like I said, and it makes me smile. I find a lot of things to laugh at on Tumblr, and it makes me smile. Draw

It's twenty minutes later and to be honest, we're getting nowhere, so it all comes down to the final question... which site do I feel like I fit in more? We both may know the answer to this one...

So there we have it, the winner of this... whatever this was... is Tumblr, wooo. I'm sure David Karp is feeling all of the proud feelings at the moment, you're welcome David, you really are. My Pinterest time will come... in time... you can't just rush into these things. Or maybe I could just leave them both and go outside... ha ha... ha...
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