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#FriendFriday - Snog Marry Avoid With @AdamGav17

22 November 2013

Something a little different for this week's Friend Friday, me and my friend Adam play Snog Marry Avoid! Each trio have something in common, and I've gnawed away at the Skype chat to show you just what we thought.

If you want to play along, feel free, and let me know who you'd pick below in the comments!

Tennis stars: The Williams sisters / Ivanovic / Sharapova

Nothing against them, but avoid the Williams Sisters first, since there is Ivanovic and Sharapova. Between them two it's a bit more complicated... but I think i'm gonna have to snog Sharapova, and marry Ivanovic.

The Script Members: Danny / Glen / Mark

Ummm, this ones hard... but since they are often overlooked, I'll marry Mark, snog Glen, and avoid Danny (shocker I know haha.)
Ooooh, let Sara have Danny?
Haha he can be my gift for her

TV Personalities: Caroline Flack / Fearne Cotton / Holly Willoughby

Marry Willoughbooby. That's easy... buttt Caroline is amazing on Xtra Factor so i'll snog her, and avoid Fearne. I still like Fearne though, haha.
I'd find it tough between them two to be honest.

Some Girls character: Holli / Viva / Amber

Woo some girls. Umm, I think Amber would really annoy me if I was married to her, so she can be the snog. And Holli is a bit too aggressive for me so avoid her, and marry Viva.

Supernatural stars: Jensen Ackles / Jared Padalecki / Ian Somerhalder

Not gonna lie... had to google Jared to see who he was... don't see the attraction haha. So for that, he can be avoided. Jensen Ackles was amazing in Dark Angel so marry him, and snog Ian.

Eastenders characters: Dot Cotton / Peggy Mitchell / Pat Butcher

Umm, since she's dead, avoid Pat. After her hillarious Graham Norton interview with Gaga, marry Dot. Snog Peggy haha.

Emmas: Emma Watson / Emma Stone / Emma Roberts

Marry Emma Watson. Again, I have no idea who Emma Roberts is, so avoid her, and snog Emma Stone, since she was quite nice in the amazing spiderman.

TV Legends: Paul O'Grady / Alan Titchmarsh / Noel Edmonds

Hmmm... not really a fan of Alan or Noel tbh... I think I'll have to marry Paul since he would be hilarious and he has a load of dogs. but with the other two... I really don't know haha. Alan had ground force which was amazing, but Noel had Mr Blobby... but i'll snog Noel so I can try and get Mr Blobby as my friend, and avoid Alan.

Adam's Favourite People In The World: Roger Federer / Michael Buble / Ben

That's unfairrr. You can't ask me to pick between them. Screw you Rob... I don't want to avoid any of them hahaha... but, Buble is like, the coolest guy ever, so marry him. Although I realllllly want to meet Federer, I think I would be completely crazy and freak him out and be a total stalker fan if I saw him, soo... (its killing me to say this) avoid. So Ben better be grateful for the snog, after what I'm sacrificing haha.


X Factor Judges: Nicole Scherzinger / Cheryl Cole / Sharon Osbourne

Oh easy - avoid Sharon, snog Nicole and marry Cheryl
So she can get you in with Nicola?
Exactly. If we divorce within 6 months it has nothing to do with her. If nicola goes missing in 6 months it has nothing to do with this marriage.

Actress Legends: Maggie Smith / Judy Dench / Julie Walters

I'd marry Judy because... DENCH. Snog Julie Walters, and avoid Maggie.

Girls Aloud members: Nadine Coyle / Kimberley Walsh / Sarah Harding

Avoid Kimberley, snog Sarah and marry Nadine because that would just be hilarious haha. Just. So. Hilarious.

The Men of Saturday Night ITV: Ant / Dermot O'Leary / Dec

I'd marry Dermot, cause Dermot's just brilliant. Just imagine... your wedding night starts right here! *spins* Snog Dec and avoid Ant.

Comediennes: Miranda Hart / Sarah Millican / Catherine Tate

Okay erm, I'd marry Miranda, there'd just be laughs... forever, and we'd fall over... together. I feel like if I snogged sarah itd turn into a joke on her tour, so... I'll snog her, and I'll avoid Catherine just because I'd be scared I'd think of the nan.

Actors: Hugh Jackman / Ryan Reynolds / Channing Tatum

Ignore Ryan Reynolds, marry Hugh Jackman simply because of the accent, and snog Channing.

My Favourite People: Perrie Edwards / Nicola Roberts / Marina Diamandis

Ahh, I take it this is supposed to be my hard one? Perrie's taken so I'll avoid her, you're welcome Zayn. Marry Nicola of course, and snog Marina.

Boybands: Busted / Backstreet Boys / Mcfly

Oooh, avoid Backstreet Boys, and marry Mcfly (and face the impending punishments from marrying 4 people, and them marrying 2 people etc,) and snog Busted (if Charlie's definitely not there anymore.)

Our Friends: Pav / Ben / Sara

That's just mean because I don't want to avoid any of them buuut sara is taken so I'll be a gentleman. I'll marry Pav, and I've kissed Ben already, so the snog's just a step up, to be honest.

So there we go, that was fun right? Thanks, ADAM!
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