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How Much Does @FreyaGriffith Know About The UK?

14 November 2013

I've wanted to do another collaborative post with someone for ages, and thought I'd get Freya (off of Finding Minerva) involved in a little quiz. Freya's from New Zealand, her blog's amazing, I'm a little obsessed with UK/US slang videos on YouTube and I'm not quite sure what parts of our culture are known outside our little island - all of the signs are pointing to this.

Anyway, I sent Freya pictures of celebrities and food items, as well as some typical and traditional British (I think) vocabulary... let's see how it all went. Sidenote, my response is in red, how very teacher of me...

Freya did the same for me over on her blog, which you can find here~

1. This is not a good start, I don’t know who she is… is she from Coronation Street? I feel like that’s her thing.. I apologise if it’s not.
Close, she's from Eastenders - Peggy 'Get Outta My Pub!' Mitchell.

2. He’s so cute! Why do I not know who he is? N'aww look at that smile.
Adorable village idiot, Joey Essex. He's a reality TV star... 

3. Caroline Middleton! Yes! I got one.. I figured it was her when I saw the hat I was like ROYALTY, besides she looks super stoked that her daughter hit the jackpot ( I would too.)
I'm afraid not haha she's Lorraine Kelly, the face of breakfast television~

4. I know him.. he does the Chattyman show - ALAN CARR! Look at me go.

5. Is that Holly Willoughby? I apologise Rob I had to Google how to spell her name.
Haha, she also goes by the name of Willoughbooby...

6. Nick Grimshaw, I went through a phase of wanting to marry Harry Styles… also if you haven’t seen the interview with Kesha about Harry with Grimmy then WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
Haha, yes, correct!


8. Oh god, I know him.. he’s from somewhere obviously, but where? Pass
He's from the last 100 years of TV - good old Bruce Forsyth...

9. I know her face but for the life of me I legitimately have no clue.. is she from a girl band?
Yup, Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud. I would have also accepted 'My Future Wife.'

10. He scares me.. are you sure he’s a real person, not a wax doll?
He is real, although his teeth aren't, and he was on our X Factor - oh Rylan...

11. Marina and the Diamonds 
Yes! I would've also accepted 'My Future Back-up Wife'

12. Dammit! I know him, he’s a comedian, grr
Yup, it's Keith Lemon... BANGERZ.

1. Pasties.. is that what you call them?
Yup, this one in particular was a Cornish one, but I'll give you it!

2. I have no clue what that is...
It's a scotch egg, it's basically just an egg surrounded by meat and breadcrumbs...

3. Some sort of pie?
Yup, it's a pork pie... I hate them but many others don't

4. Oh oh! Chocolate… after dinner mint?
Correct! We call them After Eights, but same thing...

5. Pigs in a blanket… BACON.
Yesss. Apparently in some places pigs in blankets are just sausage rolls and that's no fun.

6. Oh gosh we have these in NZ they’re like Marshmellow twisty things.. I’m just describing it aren’t I? I know what they are, just not the name ½ a point?
Yeah I'll give you half a point, I just love the name of them - FLUMPS. They cost like 9p

7. We call them spaceships or something.
Close enough - flying saucers.

8. Are they like Tiny Teddy’s or is that a New Zealand thing? I don’t think so though, we’re not that creative.
I'm afraid not, again simply for the name alone - Pombears. Crisps in the shape of bears.... amazing.

1. Tired.
Yup, I've only recently found out it originated from being tired after sex... weird.

2. Isn’t it when you don’t do something?
Nope, it's when something's a bit rubbish...

3. I don’t know, I know what a pint is though
It's just a derogatory word for a woman, generally used as 'mad bint,' 'old bint' or 'stupid bint.'

4. When something’s stupid or a lie? ‘what a load of poppycock’ or something
Got it in one.

5. Rowing??
It's a customer, it's not used a lot though

6. Ooh! Come on Inbetweeners knowledge, it’s when someone wears tracksuits and is a bit of an idiot… 
Yeah pretty much...

7. Okay in NZ Jammies can mean Pyjamas but I don’t think it’s that, nope
To be lucky, generally used as 'the jammy bastard,' or 'jammy git'

8. Jail?
It's when you stay in a pub after hours, they lock the doors and you carry on drinking and stuff...

9. Slang for idiot
Yup, a slightly more subtle slang word

10. Old guy
An old car.

11. We don’t use munter, we do use munted though.. as in you ruined it, is it someone with a ruined face??? Chav’s the same thing?
Kind of, it's just an unattractive person, at least to the person who says it.

12. Slang for f off?
When you get lucky

13. Throw up
Yup, delightful...

14. Cigarette but also short for a mean word for homosexuals specifically gays ( I didn’t want to get Rob in trouble)
Don't really see much of the latter thank god, but I was going for the first half yes...

15. In NZ cats eyes are the lights that line the road and show up at night. Same thing?
Ooh, I wasn't sure, but yes!

16. When someone lies, and it’s not true
Nope, it's when someone or something is really good, maybe even the best of its kind...

17. When someone pushes in
That could lead to it, but it's generally just a heated argument, sometimes physical...

18. No idea

19. When someone goes out drinking, like ‘on the piss’ right?

20. Flipping Fiddlesticks! It can mean a couple of things, generally like ‘jeez look at the time!’ 
Yup, pretty much! It can mean anything from 'Oops!' to... 'Shit!'

TOTAL: 21/40
3 comments on "How Much Does @FreyaGriffith Know About The UK?"
  1. I love this! I'm from Australia so I can sort of relate to Freya :)

    I admit I also knew Nick Grimshaw because of One Direction :P. I did know Rylan though from watching the season of X Factor he was on. Oh Rylan indeeed, haha.


    1. Oooh awesome :O would you have done as well as she did, or better? :D

      Haha yeah Rylan's brilliant, he does a bit of TV work now, which I think suits him a lot better

    2. Probably not much better to be honest, haha.

      Yeah that does sound as if it would suit him better. He's good entertainment value :)