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REVIEW: Avril Lavigne - Avril Lavigne

07 November 2013

Two and a half years after her previous effort, 'Goodbye Lullaby,' Avril Lavigne has released potentially her best collection yet. A perfect mixture of power ballads, and rockier tracks packed full of attitude, her self-titled fifth (fifth!) album draws help from husband Chad Kroeger and randomly, the rock legend that is Marilyn Manson, and takes the kind of songs Avril's done right in the past and brings them into 2013 as Avril dips her toes in a couple of other pools.

Where she's shown the album's versatility through the three singles, it doesn't stop there. We also see Avril take on summer ditties and one track even has... dare I say it... a 'drop.' This happens to be my favourite track off the album, Hello Kitty, which reminds me of a rocky J-Pop track, just... brilliant. It's slightly surprising that the 29 year old, married woman, has been able to hold on to her youth and is showing no signs of growing up just yet. Here's an 8-word track-by-track review...

Hello Kitty

Random. Electro-ness. That drop. Brilliant. Immaturely genius. Meow. 9.5/10

Hello Heartache

Sounds like a classic AvLav ballad. Those 'La's. 9.2/10


Brilliantly rebellious. Infectious. The video was amazing, right? 9/10

Bad Girl

Played it loads, was intrigued , now love it. 8.8/10

Sippin' On Sunshine

Verses are a bit Katy Perry, still great. 8.5/10

Here's To Never Growing Up

Still as anthemic as ever. Still singing Radiohead. 8.4/10

Let It Go

The chorus sounds a bit Evanescence, doesn't it? 8.2/10

You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet

Mainly here for the chorus, but all's good. 7.8/10

Give Me What You Like

Her voice sounds different here, but good different. 7.6/10


A nice little tale, a nice little song. 7/10

Hush Hush

Could be bigger, but still wouldn't skip it. 6.4/10

Falling Fast

It falls a bit flat for me, sorry. 5.5/10

Bitchin' Summer

It's okay, sounds a little filler for me. 5.2/10

Overall - 7.77

3. Union J - Union J - 7.78/10
4. Avril Lavigne - Avril Lavigne - 7.77/10
5. Katy Perry - Prism - 7.75/10
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