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REVIEW: Britney Spears - Britney Jean

26 November 2013

If Madonna says to you, 'Hey Britney, I'd rather see you wear your soul,' you take note. That's just what Britney has (kind-of) done, 10 years after hearing those wise words, with her latest studio album; Britney Jean, a name she's given by her family (see - it's personal already), which has seen part-time-Voice-coach Will.I.Am take the reigns of executive producer, as well as Britney herself being credited as a co-writer for every track. Whilst some of the lyrics really do scream personal, as she sings tales of heartbreak and loss, others are quite simply... pretty good expected bangerz. She's opened up a little, the auto-tune has taken a (small, but still noticeable) step back, and she's invited Will, T.I. (who seems to be the present rent-a-rapper) and her ruddy own sister along for the ride. A ride that's inconsistent, but still worth the money.

Her 'comeback' single (or y'know third release of the year - same thing,) 'Work Bitch' was a slice of EDM magic that served its purpose of leading the new album era with a strong, empowering anthem to say that Britney is indeed back, and reclaims that famous term - bitch - which she's gone on to claim... several times... is a 'term of endearment for the gays.' Make of that what you will. Latest cut, 'Perfume,' has been more of a personal affair, showing off her rawer vocals we've barely seen as of late, due to the electronic nature of her more recent hits. It almost doesn't sound like Britney, which is weird because it probably sounds the most like Britney. Mix in those other personal tracks and EDM smashes (complete with a range of drops for your dancing pleasure) and Britney Jean is here (and available to stream on iTunes this week if you fancy a listen.)

Here's a first-listen 7-word review of each track...

Work Bitch - Does actually make me want to work. 9.4/10

Til' It's Gone - I am here for all of it. 9.2/10

Alien - A slightly random but very strong opener. 8.9/10

Body Ache - It's like two great songs merged together. 8.7/10

Perfume - It's nice, quite different for modern Britney. 8.3/10

Tik Tik Boom - It's cool, feels a little filler. 8/10

Passenger - I think it'll grow on me loads. 7.8/10

Don't Cry - This'll grow on me too, me thinks. 7.1/10

Chillin' With You - It's cute but a bit messy. 6.9/10

It Should Be Easy - Robotney returns. Drop - yay. Rest - nay. 5.8/10

Overall: 8.01/10


1. Little Mix - Salute - 8.73/10
2. Icona Pop - This Is - 8.31/10
3. Lady Gaga - ARTPOP - 8.16/10
4. Britney Spears - Britney Jeans - 8.01/10
5. The Saturdays - Living For The Weekend - 7.99/10
6. Union J - Union J - 7.78/10
7. Avril Lavigne - Avril Lavigne - 7.77/10
8. Katy Perry - Prism - 7.75/10
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