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REVIEW: Icona Pop - This Is...

06 November 2013

After discovering 'I Love It' last year, and patiently waiting months for it to be released over here in the UK, I slowly grew more and more in love with Icona Pop and their unique style. Yes, there's hardly a shortage of songs about going out and having a good time, or love in general, but there is always a shortage of good ones. Enter Caroline and Aino. Whilst it doesn't play host to any real ballads, there is a wide range of production and style across the album, but one thing I love more than that is the sense of unity on this album, About 95% of the lyrics are sang together, and there is talk of only needing each other. I'm a guy so I'm not completely sure but I'm feeling a lot of unconventional girl power from the Swedish pair.

Their songs have the same hooks and catchy lyrics of many-a-song of the past few years, but when they match them with amazing productions full of instant instrumentals and infectious chanting, you can't help but want to just get up and move. I've dubbed 'This Is...' the perfect getting ready album - whether it's to warm you up before a big night out, or wake you up before a big day ahead, it's so constant and uplifting it's a sure-fire hit. Here's a 7-word track-by-track review:

On A Roll

So instant, so big, so damn good. 9.7/10

I Love It (I Don't Care)

Still sounds pretty fresh a year on. 9.5/10

Just Another Night

Closest thing to a ballad. Just stunning. 9.3/10

In The Stars

Massive chorus, the production is just fab. 9/10

All Night

Great drop, song should've done much better. 8.6/10

Hold On

Kind of different, with amazing anthemic chorus. 8.2/10

We Got The World

What a build up, and drop. Amazing. 8.1/10

Then We Kiss

It's got a random kazoo in it. 7.8/10

Light Me Up

Probably the weakest track but great production. 7.5/10

Ready For The Weekend

Random. Chilling intro, good drop, weird pitching. 7.3/10


I just don't enjoy it as much. 6.4/10

Overall - 8.31/10

1. Icona Pop - This Is - 8.31/10
2. The Saturdays - Living For The Weekend - 7.99/10
3. Union J - Union J - 7.78/10
4. Katy Perry - Prism - 7.75/10
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