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REVIEW: Union J - Union J

04 November 2013

After coming 4th on last year's X Factor, there were always going to be expectations for Union J to live up to, especially after One Direction, who came 3rd in their year, went on to metaphorically mark their territory around the world. This must have made writing, recording and filling the album a much harder job for the label, to pull them out of 1D's shadow. Luckily their self-titled debut effort sees the Union J boys tackle both sides of the expected spectrum from acoustic-style ballads to electro/uptempo love songs, but still manage to differentiate themselves with their own sound.

I went into the album with a pretty open but slightly cautious mind. Their debut single, 'Carry You' is still one of my favourite songs of the year, whilst I never really got on with their second cut, 'Beautiful Life,' so I was hoping for a shortage of ballads if the latter was anything to go by. Luckily all was well, and there is a pretty good balance of styles, which in turn made a very happy Rob. Here's an 11 word track-by-track review...

Carry You

Still so damn catchy. Obvious strong choice for the opening track. 9.1/10

Save The Last Dance

It's generic, but not that generic. The drop feels very retro. 8.9/10

Loving You Is Easy

Would make a great third single, hint hint.  8.6/10


Lyrics are a little questionable, but it's different and I like. 8.3/10

Where Are You Now

I imagine this'll sound great live. 'Oh's are weird but amazing. 8.1/10

Last Goodbye

It's like a classic boyband song brought into 2013. I approve. 7.7/10


Bit of a random, unnecessary cover, but it's a good choice. 7.3/10

Beautiful Life

As a single, it doesn't really go anywhere. Nice message though. 7/10

Amaze Me

Good track with good melodies, but does sound very track nine. 6.6/10

Head In The Clouds

It all just kind of falls flat, unfortunately. Weakest by far. 5.2/10

Overall - 7.78/10



2. Union J - Union J - 7.78/10
3. Katy Perry - Prism - 7.75/10
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