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Top 3: Amazing Graham Norton Sofas

09 November 2013

Last night saw potentially one of the greatest TV moments ever as Lady Gaga met... Dot Cotton herself, June Brown. Whilst it only lasted about 10 minutes, the episode will go down as one of my favourites for a long while. The line-up on the famous red sofa wasn't particularly the best, Jude Law played the role of 'A-Lister who's kind of funny and has a new film to plug' whilst Greg Davies played the role of 'British Comedian who's kind of funny and has something else to plug' which is a shame as in the past he's been great. With that in mind, whilst we all imagine the thought of June Brown joining Gags on tour for '#ARTDOT,' I thought I'd look back on the sofas of years-gone-by. Here are my 3 favourite sofa line-ups...

3. Zac Efron, Matt Le Blanc, Lee Mack and Marina and the Diamonds

An unlikely trio of men in grey suits, sharing amazing stories, and one of my favourite artists, ever, performing. Match made in heaven...

2. Cheryl Cole, Katy Perry and Ross Noble.

Another two of my favourite artists joking about with a comedian I actually like. Result. It was great to see a slightly fiestier Cheryl come out, Katy being awkward and her numerous high fives with Ross. See: the time he doesn't see her put her hand up for a high five and she looks genuinely pissed until he does it.

1. Adele, Jack Whitehall and Miranda Hart (oh and those Will and Kate actors)

It was great to see the contrast between Jack, Miranda and Adele and their different 'classes,' as such. Some proper British humour, all the way through. I can't say much about this episode apart from the fact that it's going to be a hard one to beat. Thank god it's on YouTube to watch forever...

Honorary Mentions (aka the moments that were also just, brilliant)

Sarah Millican, P Diddy and Vince Vaughan talking about farts

From P Diddy's face to Sarah's Beyonce impression and Vince's legit couples counselling - amazing.

Nicki Minaj in General

From calling Graham Norton a Playboy to explaining what Balloon Boy and Tumbledry means.

Mark Wahlberg

He was drunk so we'll allow it. It starts about 8 minutes in, just fyi.

Olly Murs

Graham becomes the relative who picks you up from school and embarrasses you in front of your crush, for poor Olly.

Will Smith & Co

Need I say anything? Well actually yes, Jaden, please stop.

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