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VIDEO: We Went To London & It Was Pretty Festive

29 November 2013
Yesterday, I took a trip to Central London with a couple of friends and got a little camera-happy. We went to check out Winter Wonderland, and take a wander down Oxford Street, and I took a few pictures and videos. I'll post the pictures on Sunday, to kick off a very exciting December here on IWALS, but as a little teaser, I've put the clips together into a small vlog-type thing. Enjoy!

(Btw, yes that is Kirstie, off of KirstieKinsBlogs, and yes that is Daniel, off of StillHasn'tStartedHisBlogYet. Kirstie filmed a cheeky little Photobooth Challenge with Daniel, and I lurked in the background a little, so be sure to check that out on her blog too!)
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