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A Festive Midnight Snack

19 December 2013

Wednesday in the Pask household is big Tesco shop day, and I've finally got into the festive mood... with my food. I'm not a fan of hot drinks, but I picked up some Highlights sachets, that were on sale for 4 for £1, and a ginger loaf... cue amazing midnight snack.

I opted for the Fudge bar option, which was very very nice indeed, and found a pack of festive marshmallows for 50p - not bad, huh? 

Fun fact: as I don't usually have any hot drinks, I don't really use mugs/own any festive mugs so I found this random London one which I didn't even know existed.

I was so surprised and satisfied with it, I thought I'd share it, and now I'm off to comprehend the fact that I may have just found a new obsession. Tally ho...

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