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A Few Snaps From Winter Wonderland

01 December 2013

It's December 1st, which can only mean one thing - it's time to roll out the advent calendars and go through, potentially, the most strenuous part of the year - using all of the willpower we have to stick to just one piece of chocolate a day. I know, it's hard, but we can all get through this together...

In the spirit of advent calendars, I thought I'd offer my own blog-oriented version, and post something rather festive every day during December. I can't promise you chocolate but I can promise you amateur photography, recipes of things I don't even know will work yet and other festive goodness. Those of you who may have followed 'Pictober,' may have noticed that I missed a few days, so that may happen, but let's kick things off with a sense of confidence with a few pictures from Winter Wonderland.

(Sidenote, I posted a small video on Friday with a few clips of a trip I took to Winter Wonderland on Thursday, which you can see here.)

For those of you who don't know what Winter Wonderland is, it's basically a festive fun fair in the middle of Hyde Park, complete with rides, amusements, food and a market. Things are a bit expensive, as expected, but entry is free and you can just wander around if you want to.

In all honesty, it does look better at night, or from about 4pm, with all of the lights (all of the lights) but even in daylight it all looks brilliant. There are a couple of really dodgy statues around that were hilarious, but the park really does live up to its name.

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