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Christmas 2013

29 December 2013
The painfully slow lead-up to Christmas this year felt like centuries, compared to actual 'Christmas time.' I feel like I blinked and missed most of it, but I definitely had a couple of good days... and a couple of 'Must Try Harders,' but that was because of this bloomin' cough I've had for a couple of weeks, which seemed to have got a lot more prominent over Christmas. Anyway, enough feeling sorry for myself, here's how my festive period panned out...

Christmas Day

I woke up about half 9 - mum and dad were already up and preparing the turkey, so I had a little browse, played a little Papa Pear Saga and finally stumbled downstairs. I had the smallest bowl of Frosties to both satisfy my very rumbly tummy and not ruin my appetite for lunch, and we opened our presents.

One of our traditions is simply just opening a present each, one at a time, and to be honest, I'd chosen and bought all of my presents by myself, so the element of surprise was well out of the window for me, but it was exciting to see if my mum and dad liked what I'd got for them/what they'd got for each other, and they did... phew.

The next couple of hours we spent looking through our presents, showering (I used my new smellies, that's always a good feeling,) and I watched a few Vlogmas videos whilst my hair was drying. Dinner was ready literally just in time for Top of The Pops, which was a bit naff this year, but we sat and ate the, quite frankly, LUSH meal my dad had made. My dad's roasts are my favourite meals so you can imagine just how much I enjoyed this. After The Queen did her bit, I got comfy with my laptop, and a drink, and we watched Toy Story 3 together - I say together, mum and dad dropped off a couple of times. Mum wanted to watch Paul O'Grady's dog programme, so I continued with my Vlogmas catch-up and texted well wishes to a few of my friends.

We then went on to visit my nan and grandad, and we had some tea with them and my aunt. It was nice, we watched the soaps and opened presents, and went on to my other nan and grandads, where we watched Mrs Brown's Boys, and Michael McIntyre and, of course, opened more presents. We then came home, I had a hot chocolate, and watched some Trollied (I got Series 2 on DVD for Christmas, wooo.) We watched an awful lot of stuff, but we watched it together... Christmas. *insert cheesy smile*

Boxing Day

Boxing Day wasn't as manic or awkward as I thought it would be. I'd worried a couple of times, over the last few weeks about the awkward 'I thought you were going to uni' talks, but they were fine. All of my dad's side of the family were round my nan and grandads, bar my cousin who was working, and my dad and aunt cooked a roast for all 12 of us, which I have muchos respect for, I really do. The meal was lush again, we had to endure football on the TV in the background, but it wasn't too bad. The TV choices throughout the day didn't get much better to be honest.

It was a generally nice day; I helped my cousin set up her new laptop, whilst my mum showed off her tablet she's finally using after 4 months, and it was great to catch up with the family. My aunt and uncle, from Southampton, gave me a bottle of Champagne for my 21st next month, which was lovely. My nan was pretty calm, which was a relief, but my cough started getting pretty bad. I'd say the only lowlight was when I'd been coughing a lot and had a headache, and we started watching a programme about polar bears, who were eating seals and stuff... nausea was felt.

We went home, and I laid in bed watching the Trollied Christmas Special and Gangsta Granny, whilst drinking an amazing caramel hot chocolate.

The Day After Boxing Day

I stayed in bed pretty much all day on Friday. I was coughing a lot, and had some muscle pain going on which wasn't fun, but I cheered myself up with some YouTube videos, and watched clips from the #NoFilterShow, a live show featuring 3 of my favourite YouTubers. I dosed myself up with some throat-burning medicine, and drank a whole load of squash... I reckon I went through about 8 litres. I then did a bit of rearranging in my room, and put up my whiteboard and noticeboard I got for Christmas, alongside my Little Mix calendar. Cue further YouTube LOLs, some cool Skype chats and me trying not to choke on my dinner, and it was a pretty good day considering.

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays! You may be happy to know that my cough is actually going away, wooo, and I am ready and waiting for 2014!
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