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Christmas Wishlist

05 December 2013
Picture from Pinterest
Whilst I've got to the age where I much prefer giving presents to receiving, there's never any harm in having a look online and creating fantasy wishlists of things you'd love to see sitting under your Christmas tree. Well, maybe the strong feelings of loss when you realise you probably won't be  getting a lot of it for a very long time, but yeah, no harm.

I've seen a few posts over the past couple of days of peoples' wishlists and thought I'd share a few of mine too. Enjoy!

I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with candles, especially Yankee Candles (see: the time I spent an hour in the shop smelling nearly every jar, and getting a little high from the fumes.) My favourite scent is definitely the Christmas Cookie, after testing the tealights (which I found on sale) and now all I really want is a massive jar...

This is something I definitely won't be getting for Christmas but there's nothing stopping us from wishing, ey? I feel like I'm ready to step up from my little iPod camera, but definitely not ready for something professional just yet, and after a bit of research, I thought this would be the perfect camera. It's 16MP, got a pretty good zoom on it and most importantly, looks pretty easy to use. Perfect.

Isn't this just the best t-shirt you've ever seen? Yup. I may be biased as I ruddy love Jacamo, and could probably buy everything off of the site, but I've been eyeing up this bad boy for the past couple of months, waiting for Christmas to show it's lovely little head.

My room has a very prominent theme of 'the beach,' and this cushion from Debenhams would fit in perfectly. It may even edge out my current cushion as 'the-one-I-end-up-hugging-at-night' which sounds a lot lamer than it is, I hope. The colours are great, I don't really have any beach hut paraphernalia in my room (which sucks) and yeah, this is brilliant. It looks even better in real life, I may or may not have stalked it in my local Debz.

I have a pair of purple Vans, which were actually the only size 13s in their Portsmouth store, and they are the sturdiest, most aesthetically pleasing and generally best shoes I've ever owned. True story. I'd love to have a spectrum of Vans but then I'd also like to, you know, eat, so if I had to choose, a pair of green ones would do me amazing. I don't generally like green but this is my favourite shade, and would give a much needed bright pop of colour to my winter wardrobe. Plus, when summer comes, I'm already imagining clashing these with my bright orange shorts...

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