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Festive Cake Pops

12 December 2013

Here's something bake-y to try at home that could either go very well, or completely wrong. That's the kind of baking I like to do... baking that keeps me on my toes.

Anyway, I've found myself growing more and more eager to try making cake pops; they're easy to make and can be customised like crazy. To tie in with the festive theme I thought I'd go for chocolate flavoured mini Christmas Puddings....

You can just buy a sponge cake and mash it up yourself, but I found this sponge mix in Tesco, so that part is in pretty much in your hands, but for the chocolate frosting you will need:

- 50g butter
- 100g chocolate
- 200g icing sugar

Melt the butter and chocolate, and mix in the icing sugar, and leave it to the side. 

Once the sponge cake has cooled, mash it up either with a fork, mixer, or a blender. I decided to go for sieve-able crumbs, but a range of sizes could give a more interesting/satisfying texture. Add the chocolate frosting in slowly and mix until you have a mouldable mixture.

Mould these into small balls and leave to set for an hour or so.

Dribble some white icing over each ball, and then use red and green icing to add the holly and berry details. Let the icing dry and then feel free to nom away.

They don't have to look perfect, see for yourself!

2 comments on "Festive Cake Pops"
  1. These sound and look amazing!!! I am actually going to make these... Thank you for this awesome idea!!!

    Georgie xx

    The Blonde Galaxy

    1. Haha aww, they actually tasted amazing, surprisingly. I've been wanting to make cake pops for about 6 months haha... hope you do give them a go :D