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I Really Love Christmas Cartoon Imagery

17 December 2013

One thing I really love about Christmas is the cartoon imagery - and I get far too picky when it comes to my cards and wrapping paper. I don't like the traditional stuff, and I find the festive patterns boring (I'm not fussy at all,) but give me a cartoon snowman, Santa or penguin and I'm a happy bunny.

I've found that my theme this year is penguins. Not the most festive thing in the world, but always a prominent theme when it comes to Christmas paraphernalia. The 10m roll of wrapping paper from Asda only cost a pound, and whilst the text is a little dodgy, the rest is just perfect.

I also picked up this gift wrapping set in Asda for £2, which included 4 rolls of ribbon, and 12 bows.

My Christmas cards of choice were this pack of 36 from the Card Factory, which only set me back 99p. They're small and cute, keep the penguin theme running and are just, simply great.

Bear in mind, these views only apply to my own Christmas doings...

2 comments on "I Really Love Christmas Cartoon Imagery"
  1. Really loving the Penguin theme going on Robert ;)

    1. Haha thanks, they're too damn cute in cartoon form aren't they? :P