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24 December 2013
It's Christmas Eve already, somehow, and with the big one tomorrow, I thought I'd wish you all a very merry Christmas, whilst I still have time! It wouldn't be Christmas without a few things going wrong, most of which have been resolved, and I'm determined to get rid of this cough and cold by tomorrow morning (although I'm going out tonight, so good luck with that Rob.) It's been unfortunate that due to work commitments and other plans, my group of friends haven't been able to all get together to celebrate, but I've been enjoying the smaller blasts of Christmas cheer we've had, and of course there's always New Years!

Tonight, some of us are going to our local pub for a couple of hours. None of us really want to suffer in the morning, and the pub closes slightly earlier, so it's going to be a bit of a nice, quiet one - a lot of the staff, regulars, and of course our friends will be there, so I'm pretty excited. I'm also planning on watching the Trollied Christmas Special as soon as I get back, you have no idea how excited I am for it...

Christmas Day will consist of me getting up at a reasonable time, to find mum and dad already up and cooking the turkey. We take it in turns opening our presents, have a little play/explore, and then get showered, shaved and everything. Usually dinner's ready about 2ish, so we sit and eat as we watch the Top of the Pops Christmas Special. After about half an hour of serious stomach stuffing, and an hour of the after effects, we visit both of my nans for a little while. I imagine the same will happen this year too...

Boxing Day, we're all piling round my nans house, including my aunts, uncles and cousins who come up from Southampton and Portsmouth - my dad and aunt are cooking dinner for 13 people, I have muchos respect, I really do...

The following few days may include more family, but will definitely include me catching up on all of the Christmas TV I miss, and on Saturday I've got a primary school reunion, which is going to be good!

That's just a little snippet, I'll write a good summary post with pictures (if I can get my iPod charger to play ball...) and stuff in a few days time, but I'd love to know what you're getting up to! Let me know below, and again, hope you have an amazing Christmas!
2 comments on "MERRY CHRISTMAS"
  1. Merry Christmas! Sounds like you're going to have a family filled one! :-) – A blog for the modern man

    1. Few days late, but thanks you too! :D There wasn't quite as much family mania as I thought, was very chilled... how was your Christmas?