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TENSTAGRAM TAG: My Favourite Pics of 2013

17 December 2013
I've had a bit of a gander through my Instagram account, looking back at the memories, randomness and dodgy attempts at artistic pictures, and thought it'd be a good idea to start a new little tag - Tenstagram. It's pretty simple - you pick your 10 favourite pictures from the past year, reflect and talk about them in a bumper blog post.

Disclaimer: I'm fully aware that I could've come up with a far better name, but my creative juices seem to have been absorbed by the metaphorical sponge otherwise known as fatigue, so feel free to change it up and put your own spin on it. That also means that I am tagging you, yes you reading this sentence right now, hello, I love yo- erm, to do this yourselves, and send me the links so I can have a peek. I especially want to see Sara (SmileSweetlyBrokenAngel) and Kirstie (KirstieKinsBlogs) do this! Anyway, leggo...

Suitcases. This year I went on my first ever 'friend holiday,' in Mallorca, which was just amazing. It was my first proper holiday abroad (I'd visited Malawi before to do charity work) and to spend it with some of my best friends was the cherry on top. The suitcases just remind me of pretending to be on The Apprentice and strutting through the airport with our suitcases singing the theme tune... no regrets.

It was also the year of my first ever music concert. I went to watch Girls Aloud perform at The O2 Arena, twice - it looks like we were pretty far away here, but we had a very good view. It's a shame the people next to me weren't so into it, and I'm still sorry for nearly elbowing you in the face dancing to On The Metro, LBD-wearing fellow concert goer... no regrets.

There isn't much to this picture other than the fact it was one of those rare times when a picture focuses perfectly. Also, the heart shaped leaf, and my friends striped tshirt are very cool, right?

This year, my love story with Starbucks started, and one thing I was quite excited about was getting my first ever red cup. In all honesty, once it was in my possession, it was a bit of a non event, but that orange hot chocolate though - nom.

This is another one of those pictures that came out really well, and was from a night in Mallorca. Spanish measures were erm, questionable if not generous, and for the whole trip I was living for their lime and summer fruit syrups - so much so I bought a bottle for our room, used literally a few drops of it, then left it there for someone else to take... some regrets.

This will always make me laugh, when my friend was asked what his name was, he replied 'Erm, Daniel' and from that day he was known as Amdaniel. I think it's the smiley face below it that screams 'I tried' that does it for me though. I was also called Lucas, because what is life without pretending to be exotic European guy to a Starbucks employee?

My first blog milestone... amazing.

The phone on my desk at work, aka my own phone, what even, only had a headset, which never failed to remind me of the music greats and their dodgy, mimed performances on Top of the Pops every week. I'll be completely honest, any time I was alone in the office would lead to me miming along, quite dramatically, to some classic shameless noughties pop. No regrets.

Another blog achievement for me, this was about two hours before my Now 86 Tracklist Prediction  then became the first search result - that was a weird week.

This is just hilarious.
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