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@TheBodyShopUK Ginger Sparkle Set

29 December 2013
I'd been a bit wary of doing any 'beauty' reviews, mainly because I don't think I'll be very good at it, but I really do love this set I got (myself) for Christmas, so let's call this more of a recommendation, than a proper review...

I'll set the scene, I saw there was 50% off in-store, and decided to have a look inside to see what I could pick up. I was a bit lost, I didn't really know what I was looking for, and I ended up just kind of circling the store a couple of times, with my friend giving me a few suggestions and I was soon approached by one of the sales assistants. I don't know why, I really don't, but I lied to her instantly, saying I was looking for a present for my cousin - I know. This cousin was a 20 year old male, who doesn't mind slightly more feminine products, and I had a budget for £15-20 for his present. 

Social awkwardness out of the way, I opted for the Ginger Sparkle gift set, complete with Body Polish and Body Butter. They were part of their festive limited edition products, both of which are currently on sale for £5 online, (Body Polish, Body Butter) I'm not sure about in-store, I'd imagine so. I love gingerbread around the festive period, so this felt very apt.

The scent feels very Marmite; not that it makes you smell like yeast extract, but you'll either love it or hate it. I really love it, but I can imagine it being too strong or rich for some people. The scent lingers with you for most of the day, especially if you double team it with both products. The body butter is suitable for all skin types, which is good as I have pretty dry skin, and feels nice and not too thick - meaning it rubs into your skin very easily. It also contains ginger root extract and Fair Trade shea butter, which is very nourishing, and I've already noticed a bit of a difference on my arms - they feel softer and a little less rubbery. The body polish has what I believe to be little exfoliation beads in it, and you only need a small amount for a lot of scent, and a lot of lathering. What a great word 'lathering' is, ey? It also contains ginger extract and Fair Trade honey - my friend was telling me that honey is very good for the skin, so that's gooooood.

I've felt very fresh after each use, and I really wish Ginger Sparkle was a part of the permanent range. I'll be having a look at the different collections in The Body Shop in the future, though. I think we can also agree that the packaging is pretty damn cute. Nice one, Body Shop, you done good.
2 comments on "@TheBodyShopUK Ginger Sparkle Set"
  1. I have the body butter of this scent and I am OBSESSED.

    1. Ahhhhh ikr?! I've found it goes really well with the Satsuma scent, weirdly...

      I also don't know what I'm going to do when it runs out... :(