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25 Facts About Me

28 January 2014
I saw Sarah (from Imagine Dream Write) do a random '25 Facts About Me' post last week, and really wanted to do one myself, so let's insert a little graphic and go go go...

1. I haven't broken anything in my body, and I don't plan to any time soon.

2. My favourite colour is yellow. It's bright, it's obnoxious, it's slightly cowardly - perfect.

3. I am a very fussy eater/drinker, there are quite a few things I don't like, like tomatoes, pasta, pizza, mayonnaise, spicy stuff, mushrooms, nuts, peanuts especially, tuna, popcorn, tea, coffee, coke etc - so basically, I'm the perfect dinner guest.

4. I am an only child, which has been both great and lonely.

5. I've wanted to be a maths teacher since I was about 6, but found as I got closer to pursuing maths, I lost all love for it, and have gone in a completely different direction.

6. I used to teach my nan French, using the things I learnt at school, and a makeshift whiteboard.

7. Throughout my childhood I was slightly haunted by the mispronunciation of my last name - Pask. It is said with a short 'a' sound, not a long 'a' like Parsk - it's such a trivial little thing, but whenever I heard 'Robert Parsk' it would send shivers down my spine...

8. I have a bit of an obsession with campervans - well, the look of campervans. There's a good 15 pieces of campervan paraphernalia in my room.

9. My favourite word is 'paraphernalia.'

10. My least favourite word (at the moment) is 'syringe.'

11. I used to have a serious obsession with stationery. My favourite thing about the summer holidays' ending, was the annual trip I'd make to Woolworths to just splurge the £20 my nan would give me on a whole new stationery set.

12. I have had a short story published. It was when I was 10, and it was a competition, and half of my year at school ended up being used in the book, but I'm in there!

13. My current height is 6'4".

14. I went to Malawi 2 and a half years ago to build a house - unfortunately halfway through the week there were riots in the town centre so we had to stay in the hotel.

15. I haven't seen The Lion King.

16. I don't drink, because my tongue seems to focus on the taste of the alcohol and it makes me feel very sick.

17. I once won a competition on Smile, where I got a remote control skateboard, and the signature of Darius Danesh. Win.

18. In Year 7, my class did a mini talent show for our assembly, and I was a member of Blazin' Squad. We mimed along to 'Crossroads' and didn't win.

19. I am currently addicted to Papa Pear Saga, and have completed the first 150 levels. It's mentally killing me to wait for the new levels... I'm not even joking.

20. I flip-flop between sizes 13 and 14 for shoes, which just sucks.

21. There are over 5,200 songs in my iTunes library.

22. I have a signed album from Nicola Roberts, but she got my name wrong, so you may now call me 'Robin.'

23. I once learnt how to play 'Leave Right Now' by Will Young on the keyboard.

24. I once went to show my little cousin my year 6 leavers' polo shirt, which was signed by my friends, only to find it was a polo shirt from a night out, which had a massive penis drawn on the front.

25. I didn't think I would be interesting enough for 25 facts. I was correct.
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