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A Little Chat With The Amazing @GregFidler

11 January 2014

If you're looking for a slice of (to use it's technical term) acoustic-rock-balladry magic, then Greg Fidler is the guy to go to. After setting up a YouTube channel a couple of years ago, and posting some pretty damn good covers of songs such as Bruno Mars' 'Marry You,' Greg has gone on to write and produce a few songs of his own, which have instantly sat firmly in the hearts of his ever-growing fanbase. His latest single, Losing, is out on iTunes at the moment, which you can buy here, but I couldn't not show you my favourite track, 'Watch Me Fall' - which has recently been accompanied by a pretty genius video.

Greg was lovely enough to let me ask him a few questions...

For those unfortunate enough to not know of you and you work, introduce yourself in 7 words.

Songwriter, guitarist, singer, producer, thinker, 100%er.

I've read that you attended music college when you were younger - how long have you wanted to be a singer, and what/who has inspired you along the way?

I started playing guitar at 13 and then singing/writing/producing a year afterwards. 
I knew it was what I wanted to pursue but I still did normal A-Levels to justify going to music college. Early on my only influence was Nirvana and in my 20s it has been artists like John Mayer, Kings of Leon and a mixture of pop.

I've also seen many people say that they can relate to your lyrics - where do you get your inspiration from?

Lyrical inspiration comes from a mixture of hard times, worry and heartbreak. I tend to write about something more complex than a break up song. What connects with people is that the songs are not trying to be anything other than expression.

As well as writing, you produce your songs yourself... how does it feel having so much control over your music?

I do everything myself because I have not stopped trying to learn new things, and it is less expensive than having to hire people. I also feel that I want to prove I can achieve things on my own before I am lucky enough to be taken on by a record label and have everything done for me!

Losing (which I love, may I add) came out not too long ago, but what can we expect from you in 2014?

I am going to continue to release singles, but I'll only do an album if I get signed in the future.


SCENARIO 1: You hear, through the grapevine, that your dream collaborator has said that they'd love to cover a song with you for your YouTube channel... who is this dream collaborator, and what would you cover?

Barack Obama, 'I Want It That Way.'

SCENARIO 2: You also hear, through the grapevine, that one of your musical heroes is going on tour and wants you to support them... who is this musical hero, and what would you open your set with?

John Mayer, who cares what song cos I'm supporting John Mayer.

SCENARIO 3: You then hear, in private because it's a secret, that time travel has actually been 'invented' and you're given the chance to see 3 years into the future... where would you like to see yourself?

Somewhere deeper and happier.

SCENARIO 4: Finally, you hear that a big international company wants to use one of your songs for their new advertising campaign... what kind of advert would you want it to be, and what song would you like them to use?

I'd use 'Watch me fall' for British Airways.
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