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A Little Chat With The Amazing @katieskymusic

19 January 2014

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I'd be lying if I said that Katie Sky's 'Paradise' EP wasn't one of my ultimate favourites of the past couple of years - an EP that sees Katie take the catchy element of pop and put her little own cute and quirky spin on it to create something, well, great. Last year, lead track 'Sweet Sweet Melody' and latest single 'Only You' were both picked up and used by famous YouTubers Zoella and Sprinkle Of Glitter, whilst American DJ Topher Jones roped Katie in to feature on the amazing 'Talk About It.' Katie also treated us to a free festive download - a great cover of 'Joy To The World' - so all-in-all 2013 was a pretty good year, and 2014 looks to be even better.

Check out 'Talk About It,' and 'Sweet Sweet Melody' below:

I was lucky enough to ask Katie a few questions...

For anyone unfortunate enough to not come across you yet, introduce yourself in 7 words.

I am a loud, chatty, positive singer! Haha!

You've done some amazing covers over the last couple of years, my favourites are without doubt Radioactive and Euphoria. What would you say your favourite song was to cover?

I loved doing "Beneath your beautiful" because it was really fun doing it with loads of tracks of just my voice. My other fave was "If You're Not The One" with Tom crouch, He continues to be such a close friend of mine and I look up to him a lot.

Obviously as well as covers, you've put out some (amazing) original songs - where do you get your songwriting inspiration from?

Where do I start?! Robyn, Natasha Bedingfield, Foxes, Eliza Dolittle, Katy Perry, to name a few.

You've also announced a new single, which is very exciting, as well as a collaboration with the Timeflies lads, so 2014 is shaping up to be a pretty good year already it seems! Any other plans you can tease us with, or is it all under wraps?

I will be releasing a whole new EP with lots of exciting new songs on that I can't WAIT for you all to hear! :D One of those will include a music video that i shot in Turkey, and I have MANY more collaborations in the pipeline. Also I'll be doing lots stuff in the US in 2014 :)


SCENARIO 1: You get a phone call from your management, telling you that your dream collaborator has got in touch wanting to do a duet... who is this dream collaborator, and what kind of song would you write?

It would either be Dr.Luke and we would write a catchy pop HIT :) Or it would be Natasha Bedingfield and we would write a moving emotional sing along ballad, I reckon.

SCENARIO 2: Later that day, you get another phone call from management, saying that a big film company has got in touch, wanting to use one of your songs for their 'Film of 2014's soundtrack... what kind of film would you like this to be, and what song would they use?

I'd love it to be an inspirational "Never-give-up" kinda film and they use Only You for the big scene at the end haha! Cheesy but it would be awesome! :)

SCENARIO 3: The film company have got back to you, and said they want you to create a music video for that song, with a near limitless budget - what kind of video would you make?

Something like "Unconditional" by Katy Perry, its sooooo beautiful and it literally all looks like a painting!

SCENARIO 4: A couple of hours later (it's been a pretty busy day hasn't it?) you get yet another phone call from management, warning you that The Ghost of Music Future has got in touch, casually, and wants to take you 3 years into the future... where would you like to see yourself at that point?

Writing with/for the "Greats" in the pop world, going on headline tours and enjoying the journey of what music and doing what you love can bring :)

You can buy Katie's latest single, 'Only You' here
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