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A Little Chat With The Amazing @yyzmusic

24 January 2014

Featured in various media outlets, including The Guardian and Popjustice, last year, YYZ have been making a splash in the pop scene, putting their own urban spin on the current dance-pop sound. They're an exciting proposition for 2014, with tracks full of Icona Pop reminiscent hooks and chants, guaranteed to get stuck in your head, and a club-ready production that may 'lure you onto the dancefloor,' as front woman Ali McNally explains below. Check out the colourful video for their debut single 'Lost In The Mix,' here:

I was lucky enough to ask Ali a few questions...

For those unfortunate enough to not know who you are, introduce yourself in 7 words.

We're YYZ. From London, England via Toronto.

I'm loving 'Lost In The Mix' a lot, and I can't wait for 'I Wanna Be With You' but for those who are yet to hear them, how would you describe your music?

We play electronic dance pop and we're trying to lure you onto the dancefloor. 

Where did the name YYZ come from? 

Even as a Canadian expat living in London and traveling frequently, home was always Toronto. YYZ is the code for the city's airport. You could say I'm hometown proud. 

How did the partnership with Dan Gamble come about?

Dan and I were housemates living in a very non glamorous shared abode in Kilburn, northwest London. Turns out we both had a keen interest in music and a lot of free time on our hands. 

Who inspired you to get into music?

Probably my father more than anyone. He has always been a serial collector and lover of music. It was a very large part of my upbringing. 

The aim of this feature is for everyone to share their favourite music, and new discoveries - who are you loving at the moment? 

Quite liking that new Sky Ferreira album, and am really looking forward to Iggy Azalea's debut release later this year. 

As well as the new single, what else can we expect from YYZ in 2014, or is it all under wraps?

There will be the new single, definitely, and then ultimately we will be releasing the full length album. It's ready to go and I'm eager to get it out there! 


SCENARIO 1: Your dream collaborator has got in touch and wants to write a future smash with you... who is this collaborator, and what kind of song would you write?

Something and someone more hip hop, probably. It's always been my favorite genre, even if it hasn't been reflected in my own musical output. And I think there are clever ways to do it without it seeming contrived or like a fake persona; I would definitely marry it to pop, like Katy Perry recently achieved with her single 'Dark Horse' with Juicy J. 

SCENARIO 2: You then hear a big advertising company wants to use 'Lost In The Mix' as the music for a big brand's new advert... what advert would you love to see it used in?

That's a tough one, ideally it'd be a company whose products or services I actually use and enjoy. 

SCENARIO 3: Finally, you're allowed to see yourself in 3 years time... where would you like to see yourself?

Still in this game, still making music, hopefully. It makes me happy and I'd love to keep pursuing it. 

Any final words?

Would just like to wish everyone all the best for 2014! I'm really excited to see where this year takes us and I hope it's a good one for everybody. Oh and if everyone has five minutes to spare please check out our new website at lol. There's the obligatory self-promotion done. ;)
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